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SevenFriday Caipi

Seeking to capture the unique spirit and aesthetic of summer, Sevenfriday have released a themed timepiece just in time for those looking to have fun in the sun in style. In fact, the watch is called Caipi, which is a name you might have heard before (and a bit of cleverness on the part of the watch’s maker): it means “fun in the sun” and there are more than a few cocktails around the world that use this name. 

The watch boasts more summer easter eggs — there are tiny lime-colored adornments and accents, including the hour and minute hands, and there’s a fully-realized glow-in-the-dark lime on the back. It’s a surprisingly fun and “cheeky” design language. 

The watch pulls off its playful, seasonal aesthetic without seeming like a novelty item or a gimmick, which in turn allows it to feel at home in any display. That’s a ringing endorsement for a watch that’s meant to be a wearable statement on summer fun, fashion, and function. 

Even in studying and analyzing the watch for review, we noticed more summer cocktail motifs: the blueprints for the watch’s inner mechanisms lists the materials as “ingredients” and lists them out like a drink recipe! It shows a certain commitment to the company’s internal design language and a high level of confidence in their design that the company is so thorough in their messaging, even in documents that are not typically viewed by customers. 

Those “ingredients,” the company will confirm, are simpler than you might think. We’ve looked at some incredibly complicated builds before, some of them downright futuristic. Here, there’s a bit of a focus on simplicity and subtlety, which is probably meant to make the lime accents more noticeable on inspection. 

Those ingredients are: 

–  Mechanical watch (automatic movement)

–  A white ceramic bezel, animation ring, and crown

–  A stainless steel backing and casing 

–  Opaline white and silver white outer and inner rings, respectively 

–  A lime green polish on hands 

–  A double-layered, padded white calfskin leather strap (a favorite of ours)

Perhaps the most remarkable marriage of function and theme present in the Caipi is the water-resistant crown and casing — a bit of added protection should you spill your cocktail!
Sevenfriday has just debuted this timepiece, and for our money, you can’t do much better if you’re looking for something fun, seasonal, and brand-new to wear on your wrist while you’re celebrating what’s shaping up to be one of the wildest summers we’ve seen in years! 

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