I’m Shaniqua Dawn, I’ve always believed that life is like a camera, just keep taking shots and develop from the negative. Ever since 1996 I was always in front of the camera; thats when it all started. Once I became a little older I decided I wanted to give modeling and acting a try.  I would grab all of my mom’s vogue magazines and practice the poses in the mirror, sometimes rip out pages and stick them on my wall for inspiration. I was fascinated with the models looked in magazines, they’re facial expressions and how in tuned they are with every inch of their body. Along my journey of self discovery I learned that I have hidden talents other than modeling and acting, I can sing, draw, I have an eye for photography and I can also sew! I learned how to sew in high school; I fell in love with the craft and frustration so much that I decided to complete my Bachelors Degree for Fashion Design and Merchandising. Now I aspire to be a top Fashion Designer, I may model my own clothes, or be my own photographer.
I mentioned I was into acting as well, my favorite actor is Johnny Depp. I used to watch Pirates of the Caribbean almost every day and choose a scene in which I decided to react in the mirror, or for my mom and friends; I would even put on a costume. I plan on making a YouTube to showcase my acting talents through various skits.
I had dreams that turned into goals. My goals are what fuel my ambition, courage, talents, and resilience. I continue to push, strive, and prosper towards these goals every day. Every day I notice I get one step closer to my ultimate goals and it makes me super proud to know that I have come this far and all I had to do was be myself and myself nobody else. It warms my heart to know that I have the love and support from all of my friends, family and other supporters.  I am making a big move this year in 2018, so stay tuned!
Photographer: Marie Killen Russell