Sofia Spilberg

If you tried to play the violin, you know that it takes dedication and a keen ear for sound. This instrument is one of the hardest to learn and master. It could take up to three to six month to be consider at an entry level. Playing this instrument also boost mental capacity as well as overall memory. It’s truly a challenge. Sofia Spielberg took on that challenge. 

Sofia is a model who’s an exceptional violinist. She’s been playing the instrument since her youth. Captivating audiences with both her physical appearance  and extraordinary talent, the beautiful Canadian sat down with Industry Rules to discuss her career and immediate plans for the future. 

AF: How have you been under the country’s COVID-19 pandemic?

SS: COVID has been hard on all of us, forcing our lives on hold. That is why I’ve done my best to keep myself busy with a daily exercise routine, and maintain a healthy diet. Even throughout the pandemic, I keep myself on my feet with performance work, along with photo and video shoots.

AF: Why did you start playing the violin?

SS: I started playing the violin when I was 5. My parents had an influence, but I was naturally drawn to the instrument. There’s something beautiful about the way the notes are produced; almost like a kind of finesse. There’s almost a magical quality to it.

AF: Can you list some highlights of your career?

One memorable highlight that I hold dear would be 8 years ago when I played a big tour of Europe in an orchestra. We played Wembley Stadium in London as well.

AF: What advise would you give to someone who’s looking to get into the industry?

SS: Some advice I would give to any musicians trying to break into the industry is to know exactly what you’re getting into; music being one of the most difficult industries to specifically find your place in, and to keep working hard! And stay true to your vision. Always know where to aim, and shoot straight, so to speak.

AF: What’s next for you career and how can people find you for business opportunities?

SS: Currently, I am obtaining my degree for Music Industry Arts and Performance at Centennial College, while maintaining my professional social media collective. You may reach me at My web-site or Or Instagram page @sofiaa_vio.

Photography Credit:

Photographer: Angelo Sertsis 

MUA & hair: Julio da Silveira

Wardrobe: Sherri hill

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