We all know cancer is one of the toughest and deadliest diseases to fight. There are many types and all of them are extremely difficult, though not impossible, to beat. We all know about the large cancer organizations and recognize what the pink ribbons and wearing of pink in October means. It’s all about raising awareness and funds in an effort to beat cancer or at least encourage people to taken precautions and be aware of the risks. 

But a new organization has joined the fight against cancer and its one that combines two powerful and extremely popular forces, music and crowdfunding. Enter Sound Affects, a 501(c)3 

nonprofit organization “dedicated to changing how the war on cancer is fought and financed” as they say on their website. 

They go on to say:

“Our model is a crowdfunding platform that connects individuals who seek improved outcomes in cancer treatment and care with biotechnology entrepreneurs who are actively developing new technologies and solutions for combating cancer.

With the support of independent and celebrity musical talents, we bring the power and passion of people and music together to raise funds and awareness for solutions that promise to revolutionize cancer treatments and survival outcomes…Our mission is to increase promising treatments in the pipeline by empowering individuals to directly support campaigns that are actively working on groundbreaking solutions for cancer.”

Sound Affects partners with a wide range of successful musical artists to help get attention for their campaigns. Artists agree to use their music and name to raise funds on behalf of the organization and its mission. The list of artists include Airy Jeanine, Alex Caruso, King Cavalli, Matt Gold and Goodnite Neverland, among many others. There reasons for supporting the cause and organization are varied. 

Xavier White said, “I lost my grandfather, grandmother and aunt to lung cancer so I strongly support the research and development of a cure. With Sound Affects’ help, I strive to become a catalyst towards combating and overcoming the war on cancer.”

Distant Figure said, “My sister-in-law is a cancer survivor so organizations like Sound Affects mean the world to me and my family!” 

Sound Affects is partnering with Microsoft for its next big event, “Music Beats Cancer,” a showcase of independent artists which is being held November 19 from 3 to 5 pm at the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington Station, NY. It is a free event but expects to raise awareness for the organization, the issue and hopefully money as well. 

Each month there is a new campaign focused on and artists sign up for and commit to help raise funds to help with the campaign. For October, for example the campaign was about breast cancer. The problem Sound Affects focused on was the fact that people with breast tumors are at risk of developing breast cancer and that there are currently no diagnostic tools available to identify who these women are. Sound Affects decided to help get funding for one particular new technology that could help solve this issue. SilBiotech was developing a diagnostic tool to stop breast cancers from happening to women who are first diagnosed with benign tumors. Sound Affects saw the possibilities and how they could help with the problem they were dealing with so they set up a crowdfunding campaign to get the tool made. Sound Affects, and its artists, then successfully raised nearly $10,000 in 30 days for the technology. 

Music is a powerful tool and one not generally thought of as a solution to cancer. It isn’t directly. But indirectly, thanks to Sound Affects, it is playing a very important role.