Sovereignty Beauty

Your skin is meant to be adored, caressed, worshipped even! If we’re being honest she probably deserves a lot more than what you’ve been giving her. She is, after all, one of your hardest working organs, but I promise you she doesn’t have to look it.

The time has come to spoil your marvelous skin and get yourself a Glo’ Dealer. A Glo’ Dealer who understands the science of your skin, and advocates for her by dealing only the most pure, luxurious and organic skin care products. Nethania Abraham is your girl! Her organic skincare and wellness company, Sovereignty Beauty provides a collection of organic, non toxic products that allows your skin and body to thrive.

As a certified holistic practitioner, Nethania, not only deals Glo’ she is a womb healer. Her mission is to help “Glo’ Getters” honor their bodies and their highest self through toxin free skincare rituals comprised of affordable, quality products. From the Glo’ Serum, to the body butters, to the Yoni Wash, every inch of your skin will get the care she rightly desires. The Glo’ Serum will restore and moisturize her. While the natural body butters comprised of pure products like shea butter and tea tree oil, paired with the Body Glo’ will have her silky soft and transformed into liquid gold.

The Sacred Yoni Wash consisting of beneficial ingredients such as rose water and aloe vera extract will have your feminine skin balanced, refreshed, and in divine bliss. Your skin loves you. She works hard for you, but we all know she can be petty and will tell on you if you don’t treat her right. Sovereignty Beauty is here to help you spoil your skin. Sis is ready for her Glo’ up! 

For more on this extraordinary brand, you can visit their website.

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