Sure a great hairstylist can dramatically transform your look.  Renowned celebrity hairstylist Stacey Ciceron wants to do a lot more than treat and style your hair, Stacey’s mantra is to also Educate, Elevate, and Inspire her clients. Stacey utilizes her wide range of experience, her background as an educator, and her need to incessantly innovate to help create a unique experience that makes her client’s look and feel their absolute heat.  Industry Rules asked Stacey questions about her mantra, hair, and her upcoming projects, because we all could use a little Stacey in our lives.

Industry Rules Magazine: “Educate. Elevate. Inspire” is your mantra. How has your career as a stylist allowed you to accomplish those concepts?

Stacey Ciceron: Educate. Elevate. Inspire was something I was living without realizing it. I had never put a label on it. It wasn’t until I took a business development course that asked us to come up with a vision and mission for our businesses. They asked, where do you see yourself in the future with your business? What are some goals you’d like to achieve that will get you fired up each day and every time you think about it. These are the 3 things (my mantra) I look to accomplish in every area of my life. It was a visible common thread. In beauty school I assisted my fellow classmates with techniques that they didn’t quite understand and also served as a junior educator at trade shows. Later, I opened a salon and one of the main focuses for me was to have an apprenticeship program where I guided new and seasoned stylists in areas of skill, personal developments and professionalism.  This was not available to me coming out of school and still in not prevalent in ethnic salons. So it was super important to me to address this need. The stylists that were under my tutelage have all gone on to great things in their careers, which makes me proud that I was able to be used in that capacity. The intention was to lift them up(elevate) never to hold them back like many do, fearing that they will lose if they give. My clients also benefitted from this experience as well. I hosted events like visionboard workshops and goal setting dinners, where I encouraged them to get clear on their goals and unblock mental barriers that may have been holding that back from reaching their goals or dreams.  Many clients discovered their passions and callings while sitting in my chair. Some have gone on to start their own businesses, go back to school or start school, enter new careers and purchase homes. As a Freelance Hairstylist, I am constantly engaging with my colleagues about their career paths and servings as an encourager and sounding board. In this creative industry, not many people understand or can relate to the challenges we face.  On social media, I live a mostly public life. My intention with that is not to be boastful but to share my growth. Letting them see that I set goals and despite my human nature and setbacks I always come out on top and I always push through. Lastly, a big motivating force for me is being an example to my young queens. I am the mother of twin 11-year-old girls that look up to me and I adore them. I would never let them settle for less, so I can’t settle. I would never let them give up, so I can’t give up. I would never let them dim their light, so I can’t dim my own.

GR: What do you feel your hair tells us about you? Does your hair hold a specific meaning to you?

SC: For me personally, I love my hair! I decided to go “natural” 3 years ago and did the big chop. I have learned so much about myself and about life through this journey.  The number one lesson is commitment. I had to commit to see the desired outcome. I can sometimes be impulsive and emotional in decision-making but I desired to have long healthy hair and there was only one way to achieve that end result. Also my hair taught me to not care about what others thought about me. They would either conform (which most did) for fall off. My hair stands for freedom, patience and commitment.

GR: What do you think a person’s hairstyle says about them?

SC: For some, their hair is an outward expression of creativity, a way to separate themselves from the pack. A way to express freedom and build confidence. For me as a stylist, (not sure if this is a special gift or just a trained eye. Lol) I can tell so much about a person by the way they keep their hair. I can tell if they are busy or athletic. I know if they are conservative or bold. I can tell if they are confused or having an identity crisis. I can tell if they are trying something new and feel uncomfortable or walking and owning their look.

GR: Is there such a thing as “bad hair”?

SC: Yes! Bad hair is hair that is not healthy. To me good hair has nothing to do with hair type or length. Good hair is healthy hair! For the men and women who have lost their hair due to illness or genetics they are still beautiful.

GR: What has being a hairstylist taught you about human nature?

SC: I learned that people are resistant to change even if it’s for their benefit. People would rather stay in an unhealthy situation because it’s predictable rather than stepping into the unknown. Another life lesson I learned from people watching.

  • People need attention, even if it’s just for a moment in your chair.
  • People are being robots and living as a representative of themselves. I get to see glimpses of their light that not even their closest friends or family gets to see.

GR: What are some of the misconceptions about your profession?

SC: We are not smart and the only reason we went to beauty school is to avoid college. Many stylists have college degrees and have left other professions they were forced to do as children by their parents or relatives

  • It is not a “real” job, because real jobs have 401K’s and benefits and office hours. We can actually plan all of this on our own
  • It is a phase or a hobby that we’ll grow out of. They think we’ll get it out of our system one day and wake up and get a real job.
  • We can’t support ourselves with this career alone. We have to get a real job to make money and retire.

GR: What are some of the responses you receive from your clients after a makeover?

SC: Clients show their love in so many ways. I have seen tears of joy, dancing, going to the bathroom to put on makeup so they can take good selfies, planning an evening out because they looks so good, big hugs and kisses, big tips, gifts, referrals and one of my personal favorites outside of tears of joy is when the husbands or boyfriends personally send their love!

GR: Is there a celebrity that you have not worked with but have a desire to make over?

SC: Oh boy! I am big on manifesting; so let me make sure this is a good one! Lol.  Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Tamron Hall, Jennifer Lawrence or any A list Diva that is rocking an above the shoulder length cut that hasn’t been graced by Stace! Big shout out to the artists that work on these ladies. I love and admire their work. One of my biggest passions is cutting and styling hair.

GR: Where do you see your career in the next 5 years?

SC: I will be fully immersed in my passion of women’s empowerment and personal development. My Online business will be in full swing and serving users globally. I will be sharing my gift (which is my story) with millions of people in different countries, inspiring them to live their best life. I also see myself collaborating with big beauty brands to deliver premium products to consumers. Also, I see myself in front of the camera with my own talk show or lifestyle series sharing inspo, my favorite products, makeovers and life hacks.

GR: Do you have any upcoming projects or collaborations that you would like to share with our readers?

SC: Yes of course! I am currently developing a series of events around me turning 40 and getting my life together. LOL So I will be putting together, along with industry related experts, events about finance, goal setting, health, wealth building, skin care, wine tastings and much more. It’s going to be so much fun sharing these experiences with like-minded people. I am also launching The Stacey Ciceron Life School. It’s an online community where people can sign up for my free and paid personal development courses and also receive information about upcoming events. You can find out more on my website I will also keep everyone updated on my IG page @staceyciceron.

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