Hail from the beautiful city Miami with style is the international stylist Stevie G. The Haitian-American fashion guru interest in the fashion industry started by simply being himself. He started styling friends and family members which generated a buzz. He’s in the next phase of his career where he’s signed with Atomic Style Agency in Miami.  He spoke with Industry Rules while preparing for New York Fashion Week 2020.

AF: How did you get into the fashion industry?

SG: Fashion has always been a passion for me from a very young age. I would get in trouble for decorating my clothes with paints and all sorts of things. It wasn’t until 2017 when I decided to officially follow my passion and pursue a career as a Fashion Stylist. 

AF: While growing up in Miami, who were some of your fashion inspirations?

SG: Growing up some of the individuals that I considered for fashion inspiration were Andre Tally Leon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Pharrell, and Christian Soriano, just to name a few. They opened my eyes to a new world of fashion possibilities.

AF: As a stylist and fashion guru, what will be the fashion trend for 2020?

SG: So one trend that will continue to come back season after season is a fashion favorite – NEONS, and now that it’s almost spring time, you can wear a great pair of hot pants (short shorts) to show of your legs. Lastly, you can always mix and match with any color or print with Polka Dots. 

AF: Who would be the perfect celebrity to style for an epic event?  Why?

SG: The perfect celebrity to style for an epic event would be Billy Porter, because I have been told he is my fairy Godmother and because I love to be free with fashion, just as he does. I don’t believe in gender when it comes to clothing. 

AF: What’s the next step in your career?

SG: The next step is continuing to expand my brand as a stylist and travel internationally to bring awareness to my brand in more than just the US.

Photo by Rogelio Smalls

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