Balancing her career as a plus size model and a soccer mom, Taylor Edwards is making the most with her time. With a degree in Psychology, she is a positive advocate and encouragement for mothers with aspirations of pursuing modeling.

She recently moved from Seattle to the east coast to focus more on her career. After relocating, Taylor signed with MSA Models, a modeling agency based in New York and Los Angeles. She stated it was important to find a new agency that meshes well with her energetic personality and vision. Industry Rules sat down with the 5’10” beauty to discuss a myriad of things from juggling her time between photo shoots to dropping the kids off to soccer practice.
AF: Why and how long have you been modeling?

TE: I started modeling about 5 years ago and kept with it simply because I love it. Modeling has been good to me on so many levels; introducing me to friends and contacts, providing travel opportunities and creative outlets. But most of all I get to play dress up! Growing up with all brothers, my house was filled with wrestling matches. I spent the first 18 years of my life in a pair of sneakers and soccer cleats. I treasured the summers when I could visit my cousins Julie, Lexi, and Beth in Myrtle Beach. We played with our grandmothers’ makeup and dress up for “photoshoots”.  Who would have thought then, that those fond memories would have had such a large impact on my life.

Taylor Edwards

AF: You recently moved from the west coast to the east coast.  How has that transition been?

TE: I grew up on the east coast. Moving back has been adjustment, but being closer to friends and family is something I have wanted for sometime now.

AF: What is your favorite meal you like to prepare?

TE: I have several. I make one hell of a chili, a mean quiche and homemade chicken dumpling soup that will make your mouth water.

AF: What’s best and worst experience you had while photo shooting?

TE: I have had the opportunity to meet many creative and talented minds, and been lucky enough to call several of them my friends. However, not everyone you meet along the way can be thought of in such a light. In this industry, it’s extremely important to not only do your research but above all follow your instincts.

AF: As a mom, how are you able to juggle your personal life with your career, specifically with traveling?

TE: Yes, sometimes it proves to be more difficult to balance, but ultimately I try to make adequate time for both. Proper time management is key.

AE: As a plus size model, what were some of the major hurdles you had to overcome?

TE: As a shy, new face model I knew nothing about the industry. I had no clue where to begin. The Idea of having to put myself out there to network with total strangers terrified me. But once I force myself to step past that hurdle, the doors seemed to open for me. This has lead to new friends and opportunities. Modeling has helped to lure me out of my turtle shell.

AF: What’s your favorite movie?

TE: OOOHHH! That’s a tough one. I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between Princess Bride and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

AF: What advice would you give to a girl who is interested in becoming a model who doesn’t fit the cliché model standard?

TE: Don’t worry about the cliché! The clichés that we have today are mind numbing, unrealistic, soul devouring and self-loathing propaganda. Be true to you. If modeling is your passion, then pursue it. There are all different types of models, runway, fashion, editorial, art, beauty, cosplay, just to name a few. Find your niche. If it doesn’t work out, take what you have learned and move forward. Maybe the pursuit of modeling exposes you to passions you didn’t even know you had. This is your life, live it accordingly.

AF: What’s your next project?

TE: Continuing to create a presence on social media.  You can follow me @CurveModelTaylorEdwards on Instagram for the latest in my career. Thank you.