The Lion King is one of the most decorated plays and musicals on Broadway. Created after Disney’s animated movie The Lion King, the Tony Award winning musical debut on July 8, 1997 at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis.

The music is by legend Sir Elton John and written by Tim Rice. Composer Hans Zimmer, best known for his epic scores in Dark Knight, Road to Perdition and the Dark Knight Returns, created the musical score.

The actual musical show is were the film comes to life on stage. The actors and actresses are dawn in colorful animal costumes. They tell the story of Simba rise to kingship with storytelling narrative, singing and dancing.

Each scene is carefully crafted put together. From the introduction of the play to the hyena scene where it appears Simba is in trouble (he is later rescued by his father Mufasa which shows a very important lesson in the play).

In 2014, the musical surpassed The Phantom of the Opera as the top-earning title in box-office history.

This is one of the better entertainment experience you have to witness. It is bucket-list material.