Mogul Jay Z released his highly anticipated album “4:44” today.  It has taking the world by storm.  Instagram feeds have been jam packed with short video footage of the minstrel show (so, controversial and taking an edge in creativity, we can’t seem to explain in this post) video. In it Jay Z talks about the importance of keeping good credit (as a jewel to the youth) when he says “I bought every V12 engine.  Wish I could take it back to the beginning. I could bought a place in Dumbo before it was Dumbo, for like 2 million. That s building today is worth like 25 million.  Guess how I’m feeling? DUMBO!”

The album is available only on Tidal.

Side note: Jay Z has always been know for subliminal messages.  So, you can equate “4:44” as 4+4+4 which equal 12.  That stands for ruler or his case, KING.