The Youth Fountain

The Youth Fountain is a premier New Jersey-based cosmetic center with board-certified doctors who are experts in everything from skin care to weight loss to body sculpting. Unlike other medical offices offering cosmetic procedures, The Youth Fountain has board-certified doctors rather than physician assistants. Most notably, Dr. Emil Shakov is a board-certified surgeon who specializes in complex aesthetics procedures that involve weight loss, hair transplants, and anti-aging. His academic experience in bariatrics or the study of obesity and minimally invasive surgery and the advanced gastrointestinal industry was completed at The American Academy of Procedural Medicine and The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. 

In addition, Dr. Rada Shakov is also a board-certified gastroenterologist who also has an expertise in aesthetic medicine. With more than ten years of experience, Dr. Rada Shakov completed her medical residency at the prestigious St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, as well as completing training at The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Besides the practitioner side, Dr. Rada Shakov is an esteemed academic scholar, having published in diverse medical journals and has made a name for herself at national conventions. 

Now that we seem to be at the tailend of COVID-19 with mass vaccination in the USA, the pressure to look your best is back on. Wrinkles and fine lines, bulges in unflattering places, and veins that ruin any outfit are on their way out with Dr. Emil Shakov and Dr. Rada Shakov. They specialize in chemical peels, laser therapy, and microneedling that reduce discoloration and acne marks, dermal fillers for smoother skin, as well as vein treatments. Treatments for the best skin possible that are becoming more commonplace and talked about such as Botox, Dysport, and Jeaveau are all available at The Youth Fountain. Body sculpting procedures in the same vein such as CoolSculpt, EmSculpt, and truSculpt iD are also offered at The Youth Fountain. While those procedures might be intimidating for some because of the perceived hefty price tag, at The Youth Fountain, it’s accessible to anyone because of the financing options. With competitive financing available, almost anyone who wants to can improve the way they look and the way they feel about themselves at The Youth Fountain.

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