TIDAL, the most recent publicly known major venture of entrepreneur Jay-Z exhibits many of the same characteristics of its internationally renowned owner. Unveiled as a subscription streaming service, Jay-Z’s TIDAL is something that cannot be contained nor put in a box. But, “you can feel it, [breathe it], and know it.” Its presence is undeniable. Similar to the persona of Jay-Z, it is TIDAL’s capability of being exclusive while being tangible that truly creates its allure.

Although TIDAL officially launched on October 28, 2014, it didn’t catch its wave until late March 2015. Once acquired by Jay-Z, this tiny player in the music streaming industry exploded onto the scene as the first High Fidelity music streaming service with High Definition music videos and Curated Editorial. Currently available in more than forty-five countries, TIDAL serves as an international music and entertainment platform connecting fans and artists via exclusive music and content experiences. With a diverse ensemble of founding artist-owners, this collaborative strives to make a more maintainable model for the music industry. In addition to Jay-Z, the founding artists-owners include, Beyoncé, Madonna, Calvin Harris, Jack White, James Aldean, Rihanna, Damian Marley, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, amongst others.

TIDAL provides a service like no other by giving music lovers private access to their favorite artists and the opportunity to explore new music. Music fans get on-demand access to exclusive videos, songs, and live concerts. TIDAL users get the VIP treatment without having to leave their home and at a discounted price. TIDAL delivers its exclusive digital content across three programs: TIDAL X, TIDAL Rising, and TIDAL Discovery.

First, TIDAL X is an initiative that provides a stage for artists to interact with their fans in more intimate and new ways. These fan interaction experiences include one-of-a-kind concert events and artist meet and greets exclusively for TIDAL members. Supporting artists of all levels, TIDAL X events features well-known artists to up-and-coming talent.

Next, TIDAL Rising is a program committed to artists around the world who want to increase their fan base. Continuously selecting and promoting various artists of different genres, TIDAL Rising acquaints music lovers with music they may not be accustomed to listening to. Assistance for artists using TIDAL Rising include: Prominent Placement on TIDAL, Public Relations Support, Tour Support, Custom Editorial and Video Content, amongst other benefits

Lastly, TIDAL Discovery is an outlet that features unsigned talent and permits them to share their music on TIDAL. TIDAL Discovery serves as a place for “TIDAL subscribers to exclusively discover the music of tomorrow, so that it becomes their music of today.” Advantages of the TIDAL Discovery program include Featured Placements, Custom Video Content, and Live Performance Opportunities – all designed for the artists to achieve success. Also, TIDAL Discovery artists have the possibility of being showcased on monthly TIDAL playlists and being marketed among other TIDAL exclusive content.

Even with major contenders in the industry – Spotify, Google, Apple, and others- TIDAL flexed its unique and distinctive presence with the release of Beyoncé’s Lemonade. This notable move proved that it is not cut from the same cloth as its competitors. With a monthly price tag of $19.99, TIDAL is invested in and dedicated to the growth and longevity of the artists success, as well as ensuring artists have access to be heard by as many people as possible. TIDAL is good for the artists. TIDAL is good for fan interaction. TIDAL is good for music.

Video: Courtesy by DASGeek

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