Tippy Morgan

Meet Tippy Morgan, a second-generation singer-songwriter-producer and model who enters the contemporary music and fashion arena fully prepared to bring it – and she does! 

Born in Los Angles to music industry parents, Tippy Morgan was reared by her mother, an artist-composer-producer from the Motown era. While Tippy excelled academically, her creativity led her to sing and write poetry. At age 11 she wrote/directed her own play, which was then performed at her elementary school by fellow classmates, and by the time she reached high school, she had made her mark in musical theater. Blessed with a willowy body and photogenic face, Tippy added modeling to her resume and moved closer toward a career in the entertainment industry.

When her mother moved to Las Vegas, frequent commutes to Los Angeles allowed Tippy to study acting for several years in both cities with top-tier coaches, among them Aaron Speiser, who counts Will Smith as a client. But this talented multitasker did not lose sight of her educational goals and graduated from college summa cum laude with a BA in Marketing.

After a post-collegiate stint as the creator/writer/editor of the political blog The JNotes, a year serving as a national political organizer for the Obama campaign in 2008, and a brief period on the Presidential Transition Team in Washington, D.C., Tippy embarked on the life-altering journey that would bring her music to the world. And now, with an impressive debut of self-penned songs under her belt and a growing modeling portfolio, she is well on the way to winning audiences across the genres as one of the most original voices and faces to emerge in the entertainment industry today. Tippy Morgan. Stay tuned…

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