Brooklyn Boy Sets Sights on Hip Hop Stardom

Welcome to Brooklyn. One of the most famous boroughs of New York known for racial diversity, mouth-watering pizzas and scrumptious bagels, Coney Island, friendly people, hipster vibes and of course, Hip Hop. The rapper who started it all and made way for future rappers, Notorious B.I.G. hailed from Brooklyn. Some of the biggest names in the Hip Hop industry today come from Brooklyn. Representing East Coast Rap music scene from Brooklyn include the emperor Jay-Z, the inimitable Big Daddy Kane, one of the most respected Hip Hop producers, DJ Premier and highly influential Talib Kweli among many others. Brooklyn till date continues to be an important place for Hip Hop music. A fresh name in Hip Hop to come out of Brooklyn is that of TK Bands.

Jeffrey Almanzar aka TK Bands realized his talent for Rap when he started converting his anger and rage in his life into words. Words turned into poems and eventually they turned into songs. When asked about his writing skills, TK adds “I’m a writer first and a rapper second”. He also adds that rapping is a form of ‘spiritual release’ which eventually helps him to write even better. His friends encouraged him to produce his tracks professionally which later was received with critical acclaim. One of his most famous songs, ‘Never Heard Of’ features another big name from Brooklyn, Uncle Murda (currently signed to 50 Cent’s music label, G-Unit Records). Some of TK Bands’ other songs include ‘Love Me’, ‘You Already Know’, ‘On the Move’, ‘I Got Time’ and many more. His last album ‘Artist of the Year’ is available for free streaming on his website, It has been over 5 years since TK Bands has been performing professionally and has lucrative plans for the future. Apart from single and album releases, TK Bands also plans to launch his exclusive merchandise which will be available for purchase on his website.

The future of TK Bands looks quite promising, keeping his current success in mind. That being said, we will keep a close watch on his career. Will he become the next best thing to come out of Brooklyn? Well, only time and destiny will tell.