The Inspirational Story of Personal Trainer, Tony Nicholson

When tragedy strikes, fighters often end up discovering their hidden reserves of will power, grit, and determination to liberate themselves from their current situation. It’s been said that the universe always has a purpose for the pain and hardships it at times brings along. One such inspirational story of discovering purpose in tragedy is of the living legend – Tony Nicholson.

Many of us dream of excelling in different professions and doing exciting things as kids. However, life seems to catch up, and childhood dreams belong to the back burner, if not completely forgotten. Gladly, Tony did not let that be the case for him. Although he came from a diverse family of a British mother and a father of South American roots, he chose to move to China in 2005 to follow his childhood dream of learning Chinese. He later went on to become a well-known figure in the wellness community of Beijing. In 2010, he was the best overall winner and best male winner of the famous 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge held in China. This however just was not a title for Tony. It was a confirmation that it was possible to fight the toughest of the situations since it marked his victory against a year battle with depression triggered by his father’s death.

As The Beijinger Magazine rightly highlighted on its cover featuring Tony Nicholson (January 2011), it is time for all of us to make every year the healthiest year of our life by getting inspired by Tony’s discipline, focus and momentum. Tony via his company, Four Point Fitness, guides people through coaching techniques and appropriate information to bring transformational positive change to their lives.

However, there are other ways where Tony positively influences people, especially the youth. With a combined social media following of more than 800,000 followers, Tony’s influence is phenomenal. He brings a vast level of knowledge and inspiration for his virtual family via his frequent fitness videos and posts. “I am living my dream by leading a healthy life and helping many people to get fit” says Tony, a Harvard aspirant. It is worth noting that the people he refers to here are not just restricted to the citizens of China, but also includes the illustrious Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

Tony has clearly defied many odds and fought many battles with grit and determination to become a talented personal trainer and a motivational leader. The testimonials and success stories on his website are a testament to it ( It is only a matter of time before we come across a surprising yet highly pleasing and widely appreciated headline stating how China is beating obesity through education and coaches like Tony Nicholson.

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