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Top Ten Cycling Bikes

What is it about cycling that makes us feel like we are alive? Maybe it’s that gentle wind in your hair as you ride along a nice bike trail. Or maybe it’s the excitement building inside you while pedaling faster and forward. Either way, there’s a right way to do your cycling adventure, and that starts with the right bike under you.

Some riders will want style and speed, while others might look for comfort and endurance for those long rides. The point is that there are no wrong answers regarding what cycle may be best for you. It’s all just a matter of personal preference. These are some pretty cool options to explore, though.

#10 Triban RC520

It’s no secret that everyone is looking for a good bargain, which is why a Triban RC520 may be just the bike for you. Not only is it one of the few cycles on this list that you will find for less than 1000 dollars, but it is also described as a forward-thinking piece with a wide range of gears to play with! 

#9 Boardman SLR 8.8

You want a name you can trust when it comes to your cycling needs, and that’s what Boardman offers in spades. The Boardman SLR 8.8 is geared towards safety and affordability. The bike has disc brakes, allowing you to come to a stop with ease and full control. It’s a pretty sleek-looking bike and costs 800!

#8 Cannondale 2021 Synapse Alloy 105

Comfort matters when it comes to cycling. Anyone that has bitten off more than they can chew on a ride knows that. Whether it was the seat being uncomfortable or the design not positioning you correctly, it made for a bad ride. The Cannondale 2021 Synapse alloy, however, is designed for comfortable long rides. It also has shock absorbers that will make those bumps in the road less noticeable. 

#7 2021 Orbea Avant H-4D0

Endurance is a big deal to many cyclists, which is why the 2021 Orbea Avant H-4D0 is a good choice for those long runs. Not only does this cycle feature endurance-focused geology making for a comfortable ride, but it also offers mounts for mudguards and fenders. It’s durable, very sleek looking, and made of an alloy frame with a carbon fiber fork.  

#6 Trek Emonda ALR 4 disc 

Sometimes it’s the features that make a bike special, and that is precisely what the Trek Emonda ALR 4 Disc has going for it. The feature list starts with hydraulic disc brakes that help you seamlessly stop the bike on command. This is usually a feature reserved for higher-priced bikes but can be found here. Another feature that users will love is that the cycle appears more expensive than it is, giving you a neat little secret to keep from your friends. Much like the Savadeck Phantom below, this bike looks good in black.

#5 Savadeck Phantom 2.0

The Savadeck phantom is a special kind of eye candy. It looks sleek with its black design and features a pretty comfortable setup. The cycle also has a range of gears that will help during those pressing inclines. The bike even has some pretty impressive braking features that will have you in complete control of every start and stop. It might be a little pricey, but boy, will you look good riding it down the road.

#4 Giant Contend  SL1

Comfort is a recurring theme on this list and it continues here with the Giant Contend SL1. It is described as a great bike for endurance and will have you feeling good on long rides. It is a little heavy, which may be a turn off for some, but it is one of the best deals you can get on a higher quality bike. It really just depends on whether you want comfort or speed.

#3 Trek-Checkpoint ALR 5

What a bike! No, seriously, there’s no other way to describe a cycle that looks this good and is said to be able to handle anything. That includes, biking trails in the woods, gravel backroads or just the regular road. You are in full control with this bike and that’s the best thing about it!  Really great brakes too that will have you feeling confident in your abilities on the trail. g

#2 Specialized S-Works Aethos

A bike designed for pure enjoyment. That’s what many are willing to say regarding The Specialized S-Works Aethos and that’s probably its most glowing feature. It’s not for endurance, it’s not for looks, it’s for the pure enjoyment and comfort of biking your favorite trails.   

The bike is described as easy to maintain, has a traditional look to it and is very lightweight. This basically gives the rider full control  over their experience and lets you just enjoy the trip.  It also  has a traditional cockpit, which makes it a pretty comfortable ride compared to other offerings online. This is the best bike for the cycling enthusiast in your life! 

#1 Ribble Endurance SLR Disc

What better bike can there be than the one you built yourself? Riddle direct to consumer bikes are known for their high quality and for the fact that you can build your own frame. While the results are a little pricey, this is the kind of bike you want if you live, breathe and eat cycling. It’s also a little heavy, so be prepared to show that upper body strength

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