Top Ten: Fitness Gyms

The fitness gymnasium is the epic center and corridor to fitness. It’s more than a facility or building, it’s the gateway to not only achieving your fitness goals, it’s also a haven of unlimited possibilities. It is your fitness playground. 

For this issue, I list my top ten (not in numerical order) fitness gym that’s suitable for everyone according to their specific fitness goals. 

Underneath each gym, I write one or two words that illustrate the gym’s attributes. 

1, Life Time

Complete fitness world. 

2. Equinox 

Upscale workout. 

3. Blink Fitness

Budget friendly. 

4. Body Space Fitness 


5. Crunch Fitness

Accessible locations. 

6. Gold’s Gym

Power work outs. 

7. LA Fitness 

24 hours fitness. 

8. Anytime Fitness 


9. Planet Fitness 

REALLY affordable. 

10. Chelsea Piers Fitness 


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