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Top Ten Mixtape DJs

A DJ is one of the most integral parts of music. You have so many platforms where consumers can go get their music. From the radio (including internet radio), social media platforms or stores like Apple and Amazons. Before most of these platform were available for music downloads and sharing, you had the DJ. The DJ was responsible for getting new music to the people. To a degree, if the DJ was playing your record, then, nobody was playing your record. This funnel system was key piece in music promotion and artist marketing. The DJs then took the circuit of mixtapes where they would partner with major as well as independent labels to promote the artist. There has been thousand of mixtape DJs over the decades who has been a vehicle for the artist. For this issue, we give you our Top Ten Mixtape DJs of all time:

  1. DJ Clue

Notable Project: The Professional

2. DJ Envy

Notable Project: The Dessert Storm Mixtape: Blok Party, Vol. 1 

3. DJ Khaled

Notable Project: We The Best Music

4. DJ Enuff

Notable Project: The Heavy Hitters

5. DJ Kay Slay

Notable Project: Drama Series (All)

6. DJ Whoo Kid

Notable Project: 50 Cent & G Unit

7. DJ Screw

Notable Project: Chop & Screw Music

8. DJ Green Lantern

Notable Project: Hip Hop Various

9. DJ 007

Notable Project: Chop & Screw Music

10. DJ Michael Watts

Notable Project: Swishahouse Music

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