Tori Famuyiwa possesses an undeniable passion for fashion, art and design. This trait is derived from his natural sense of beauty and the ability to apply his art form to any canvas. This zest drove him to create Toriola. His fusion couture designs have gained him recognition as the 2013 RAW:natural born artists New York City Fashion Designer of the Year, and have been featured in Bloomingdale’s, Africa Fashion Week, Essence Magazine, Munaluchi Bridal Magazine and other choice fashion publications. The results of his creations are exemplified by a smart combination of Afro-chic style and contemporary elegance.

About Toriola

Toriola is a fresh, sophisticated and edgy fashion brand inspired by cultural influences from around the world – Africa, in particular. By the blending of cultural notes such as beading, stoning, vibrant colors and unique fabrics, the Toriola story is woven through these varied mediums, creating unity through diversity. This story is one of simplicity, cohesiveness and sophistication; a brand identified by complexity and style. Those who adorn Toriola are young at heart and self-confident. They are well-read, world travelers, independent and have a unique sense of style with an edge of understated rebellion. This is the essence of Toriola – providing substance, style and empowerment through the psychology of fashion.

You can find out more about Tori and his fashion company Toriola at

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