Toyota’s RAV4 lineup received a facelift in 2019. The exalted manufacturer modernized the styling of the RAV4 (giving the car a capable, aggressive exterior appearance), expanded the suite of standard and optional features available to buyers at the point of sale, and began offering bespoke versions of the car that tackle specialized tasks such as off-roading with ease.

This windfall of improvements has spurred enthusiasm amongst buyers, and Toyota is all ears — they’ve committed to retaining the previous model’s improvements, opting to build upon them to keep the momentum behind the RAV4.

Here are some of the more noteworthy changes on the horizon for the RAV4.

Specialized Performance; Standardized Pricing

We mentioned that Toyota expanded the lineup of available RAV4’s to include specialized versions meant for tasks like off-roading. A fuel-efficient hybrid is also available, and in fact, so are a handful more — there are seven models on the market, each with their own bevy of strengths.

Most remarkably, perhaps, is the fact that Toyota has priced most of these models in the same ballpark:

LE: $27,000
XLE: $28,000
XLE Premium: $31,000 Adventure: $34,00 Limited: $36,000
TRD Off-Road: $37,000


Toyota didn’t just want everyone to know that the RAV4 is, despite its pedigree, one of the new kids on the block again — they wanted it to be painfully obvious from as far away as possible. There’s a joke going around the RAV4 community that it’s nearly impossible to believe the same company responsible for the smooth, comfortable, and soft design of the Prius also designed these new RAV4s! The new styling is angular, aggressive, and instills confidence in the car’s durability and eagerness to perform.


Another aspect of the RAV4 lineup that has benefited tremendously from the 2019 redesign is the interior. Both form and function have received a noticeable amount of attention once again, and the aesthetics are in as good a state as they’ve ever been (where pleasing as many people as possible is concerned). Accessibility and ease-of-use of the onboard suite of controls is better than ever before.

As one might expect, the interior has more attention-to-detail and the materials are a bit more lavish if you opt for the luxury models, but all the cars share one trait that we have to commend Toyota for, and that is plenty of space for people and cargo.

Final Thoughts

While the 2019 redesign of the RAV4 lineup was universally praised and hailed as one of the best things to happen to the model since its inception, the 2020 offerings are even better. Toyota is more than happy to stick with the same song and dance that got them to the ball — keeping the best renovations, and obliging drivers in giving the same treatment to the rest of the car. Facelifts aren’t always what the recipe calls for, but the new RAV4 should be on any serious driver’s short list of up-and-comers throughout 2020 and into 2021.

Photo and video by Toyota

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