According to NBC news, “Travel to the United States has dropped as much as 16 percent in the months since President Donald Trump took office — and there’s no sign of recovery, according to a new study.” So where are globe trotters now that the proposed unpopular travel bans have shaken domestic tourism and what are they up to? Apparently travel restrictions aren’t deterring everyone from doing what they love, but, rather, it’s making them more savvy at tooting the ultimate travel experience and then telling it to the world. (formerly ‘Gogobot’), founded in 2010 by Ori Zaltzman and Travis Katz, is an online social platform and app headquartered in Palo Alto, California, that allows its customers to research and review more than 60,000 destinations about their respective travel experiences. The mission of as stated on their website says it all, its, “mission is to help people stop planning and start living. Our unique combination of predictive AI technology and personalization make finding and having great experiences, whether local or global, easier than ever. We believe that it’s not how far you travel that counts – it’s your spirit of adventure.

“We also believe that each trip you take is unique, so our app takes data like time of day, weather and more into account to create smart recommendations. Users can join any of Nineteen tribes (Trendsters, Family Travelers, Local, Foodies, Luxury, Budget, History, Wellness and LGBT, among others) to further personalize their experience. And it’s easy to book flights, hotels, restaurant reservations and tour tickets through the app and site – thanks to great integrations with some of the industry’s best partners.”

In a nutshell, the is socially allowing its users to form ‘Tribes’ and is integrated with Facebook, Flipboard, and Foursquare. As stated on the Wikipedia page, “Forbes has referred to the company as a “social network for travelers.” Travel-planning and local discovery is just what small businesses need who have been slammed with data that confirms tourism shows no signs of recovering since the new administration. That means platforms like could be a business savior helping hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and activities at global destinations. has an impressive track record from top brands. In 2016 it received Editor’s Choice by Google Play as well as PC Magazine’s 15 Best Travel Apps in 2015, Mashable’s Five Can’t Miss Apps in 2015 and USA Today’s Best Apps to Survive Life After College, also in 2015, among others. has the destination community brimming with new possibilities, giving small businesses hope to stay visible and relevant. It’s plain to see the writing’s on the wall: for small businesses (and the reviewers who love or hate them), there’s no defense like a good offense.

Visit, create a profile, and leak all of your travel secrets to the world. You’ll be joining over 3.7 million users, so your likelihood of being treasured for your travel quirks, and destination obsessions, just may win you a few extra jet-setting friends.

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