TruthWhy is one of the newest buzzing talents in the music industry. Following the footsteps of his father, TruthWhy intends on taking over the Rap game and motivating the younger generations to know themselves and excel in life. 

I had the opportunity to interview this young talent and talk to him about the direction of his music career.  

EB: What does your name TruthWhy mean to you?

TruthWhy: My real name is Tyriq. If you break down the letters in my name you get a T and a Y. I find that in life we are all searching for our “Why’ and at the end of it you find your “Truth”.

EB: How has your life changed since you signed to Black Tie La Familia Record? 

TruthWhy: Growing up, I been based upon this Black Tie La Familia Record aspect my whole life. From the outside looking in it changed my life a lot cause now I’m on a different platform where I got to show and really allow people to understand who I’am, as TruthWhy. 

EB: What direction are you trying to take in the Hip Hop industry?

TruthWhy: I would say from a real point of view, motivating others to see themselves to find that greatness within themselves. There’s a lot of distractions here in this world. At the end of the day, it’s what you believe in. No matter what you believe in as far as you understand who you are as a person, that’s all that matters. 

EB: Take us through the creative process in writing the song “Legend”? 

TruthWhy: For my song “Legend”, I had to break down who I looked up to as an inspiration in my life and find out what made them do the things they wanted to do and how did they obtain their goals in their life. So with that song “Legend”, I showed people who I actually am as a person and using the culture of Hip Hop to speak and be an influence to others. 

EB: Who were some of your influences growing up?

TruthWhy: Shoutout to the wolves! That’s actually my dad and his partner. They have been in the music industry a long time ago. I would say growing up Black Tie La Familia; all the people in there. [Some influences to me are] Nipsey Hustle, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, 2Pac, Nas and Jadakiss. I feel that they took who they are as a person and showed who they are and found out how to be great in their own way. Hip Hop itself as culture inspired me. A lot of us don’t have platforms to speak, but in Hip Hop you are on the front lines to really show what Hip Hop truly is. Jay-Z’s longevity’s in the industry greatly inspires me as he is trying to elevate the culture in a different way that I would say no one has matched yet. 

EB: As an artist, who would you like to collaborate with?

TruthWhy: I would say Jadakiss. Ignatius was a hands down great album all around. It was a great  message that he put in that. I would like to do a song with him right now. 

EB: What’s next for you and your career? 

TruthWhy: I have an album that’s coming out actually in the first quarter of next year. We are going to release some singles soon. We are always making “Art” I don’t say working I say making “Art” cause it’s something that comes naturally. Just putting that step forward just continuing doing what we are doing. 

You can follow TruthWhy’s career via his instagram handle, @Truth_Why.

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