Tucker Tweed Equestrian

Whether we like it or not, how we look often impacts how we are treated by others and how we feel about ourselves. Tucker Tweed Equestrian is a sleek brand that combines the modern with the classic. For anyone who loves the Equestrian and clean-cut preppy aesthetic, Tucker Tweed Equestrian is your one-stop shop for leather handbags, accessories, and high-quality apparel.

Passion is the underlying motto of Tucker Tweed Equestrian. The label, founded by Jill Tweedy, is born from her interest in creating clothes and accessories that reflect the needs and wants of hunters, jumpers, foxhunting, and dressage. In keeping with the luxury and class that equestrianism often represents, elite leather artisans were used in the trademarked and embossed items of Tucker Tweed Equestrian. Jill Tweedy’s work represents the desire to have equestrian life represented in fashion in and outside of the barn. It’s part of the larger philosophy that Tucker Tweed Equestrian promotes: equestrianism and being an athlete are your life; not just a hobby.

Fashion lovers can trust the authenticity of the brand because of its expertise. Jill Tweedy is a seasoned equestrian and horse lover who has been in the saddle since she was four-years-old and led to showing hunters by the time she was 13-years-old with her very first horse. Her journey from experienced equestrian to fashion designer now has her products sold throughout the US, Canada, Italy, Sweden, the UK, Norway, and New Zealand.

Bags such as the Camden Crossbody and the James River Carry All are made of durable, scratch-resistant leather. The popular bags are strong and large enough to carry daily essentials such as cell phones, wallets, and keys, but are also fashionable enough for special occasions, office life, and events. Available in colors as versatile as Espresso/Chestnut, Latte/Black, Grey/Black, and all Black, the bags are perfect for the more austere solid colors of the barn, as well as a sleek addition to more colorful outfits when out and about.

Other artisan leather bestsellers include more heavy duty bags, such as The Lexington, The Tryon Overnight, and the Brandywine Backpack. They are ideal for weekend getaways, vacations, and simply trips to the barn. Tucker Tweed Equestrian bags and other products are available at fine goods equestrian and outdoor shops like Outdoor Outfitters of California and Dover Saddlery of New York. Wherever you are in the country, and even abroad, there’s likely a Tucker Tweed Equestrian product near you.

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