My name is Valentina Beli, originally I’m from the Republic of Belarus, but my nationality is mix of Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian. Now, I’m based in NYC, but I’m signed with agencies worldwide.

I’m 5’10, skinny with Nordic features of face: strong cheekbones and white skin. The eye color is very difficult to catch. It depends from light and my mood. When I’m very happy it’s green, when I’m depressed could be dark grey. Normally it’s blue. I speak French and English fluently, Belarusian and Russian are my native languages. I can understand a bit Spanish and German. I’m learning digital marketing now. After modeling I could have a “normal” job.

I was literally discovered in the street by our Miss of Belarus 2008, she offered me my first job, campaign for Polish brand “TIFFI”. So I had in my portfolio 5 pictures from campaign shoot. I posted it somewhere and a scout found me and offered my first contract to Indonesia Jakarta. It was difficult time, I missed my family, it’s a different culture and even climate. Plus I have never lived alone before; I even didn’t know how to cook (honestly, I’m still very bad in cooking). But I did a very good portfolio there, so I was still in Indonesia when I got my 2nd contract to Paris. And I signed with Metropolitan. After Paris my life changed and my modeling career starts to be more serious for me.

I enjoy to work as a model. When I’m reading on how girls complaining about this job, I don’t understand seriously. I love modeling so much that even when I’m sick I can shoot 12 hours catalog. I don’t understand models who is complaining about measurements. Come on you don’t complain that you don’t have enough mathematic skills to be an accountant for example, but you can’t fit a dress and you are complaining. Modeling is a job with strict rules. If you can’t follow it or you can’t fit into it, there are other jobs out there for you.



Photo Credit:

Photographer Alexey Volot
Makeup artist Anna Sharko
Style Elisaveta Logvina & Alesya Babchenok
Designer Marina Sachuck
Model Valentina Beli
Agency EMG

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