Victoriniox Luggage

Even though the economy has placed a dent in people’s budgets they manage to getaway somehow. Whether it be a cruise or cross country trip nothing will keep us locked in for long. Now with the summer upon us the public is yearning for a break. One of the minor budget setbacks is the cost of bringing extra luggage along on a flight. It is a unnecessary financial burden that only hurts the consumer. But if you were going to take on that burden why not with a little style.

Back in the day we used average looking carry-on’s that didn’t make much of a statement or were reliable or durable. Since then companies have attempted to come out with luggage that is not only more sufficient by stylish as well. One company that has been around since 1884, founded by Karl Elsener, branched out to producing state-of-the art luggage. The company, Victorinox, was the main suppliers of the Swiss Army knife. They have taken their elite artistic abilities and applied it to innovative luggage. Besides luggage they offer other products like cutlery, watches, apparel and fragrances.

The Swiss Army symbol is emblazoned on each bag to carry on the tradition. Originating from a classic symbol the craftsmanship that goes into the bag is superior. The Spectra 2.0 Collection is so innovative for the common traveler that it even has “Carry with Confidence” slogan indicating a guarantee that covers any defects and travel damages as well. In addition, this line also has a tracking ID tag that helps a traveler locate any lost luggage, which includes a combination access lock recovery system.

There are three different categories of the luggage one is the Tourbach, which is noted as the top of the line. Second is the Mobilizer NXT, which is meant for the traveler who is always on the go. The last type is the Werks Traveler, which is the basic version for any kind of traveler. Even though the cost of any of the Victorinox luggage runs around $200.00 it is worth it when considering the lifetime warranties attached to the product.

The Collection has many qualities like being lightweight and durable, it has a movement of 360 degrees. It is made of a 100 % authentic Bayer polycarbonate material delivering top-notch performance. The Collection has received much praise on many purchasing sites. One example can be where it boosts of having 3,314,789 reviews and 25,881,220 bags shipped.  The company has won many awards like the Victorinox Ella (the fragrance) won 3 World Star Packaging awards and most recently the Newcomer E-Commerce Award in 2016. It is a company built on the philosophy of a strong family that continues to produce quality products for the consumer.

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