I’m Yanju Stephens, your typical nigerian girl, the one thing that makes me stand out is my stubbornness, Yeah yeah i know being stubborn doesn’t seem like a good thing but it is for me because people that i would usually take advice from told me modeling is not for me, Discouraged me because every nigerian family wants their kid to be either “a doctor” Or “a lawyer “ Or some kinda engineer But lol i knew i was made for so much more so i started building my portfolio & my socials like instagram & twitter and all the words of discouragement obviously didn’t get through to me because I’m still here!! doing my thing. i’m a super shy girl, 2 years ago i couldn’t even talk in public always so intimidated, Being a model has helped with my confidence and motivation Now i am ambitious and more dedicated than i’ve ever been! thanks to my stubbornness & doing what i believe in Which brings me to my favorite quote of all time “You deserve the world even if it means giving it to yourself” – R.H Sin.
Don’t ever let anyone treat or say You deserve less than the best lol i know i won’t, I wanna be an icon, a great inspiration for every girl out there especially nigerian girls, DO NOT LET YOUR PARENTS CHOOSE YOUR CAREER PATH FOR YOU, do what you’re good at.
Moving on … Yes i am a model but sometimes I can be very antisocial, You ever just wanna stay in your room all day with no human contact whatsoever? Yeah Same, i love being alone with my thoughts & that’s when i have the time to sing and pray. sometimes i don’t even pray because i believe worship songs are more effective than prayer, am i the only one who thinks that? ugh i hope not… i was practically raised in a church, i was a chorister & i had to sing literally everyday, that’s the only thing i’m grateful to my dad for, I can sing & enjoy my own voice all because of him, LOVE YOU DAD!
Photographer: Oscar Merrida IV. IG: @oscarmerridaphotography