OutKast, Goodie Mob, The Dungeon Family along with Jermain Dupree’s So So Def movement were the start of the Hip Hop sound that put Atlanta on the map in the late 90’s. With rap music starting in the east and having huge success in the west, ATL was slowly becoming a prominent player as the central location of the new Hip Hop sound. Fast forward twenty years later, Atlanta is now the Mecca of Hip Hop. Artist like Future and The Migos represents today’s sound. With that unique sound, new artist are constantly emerging to add their own notes to that ATL sound. Yung LA is one of those artist. 

Yung LA has been buzzing in the music industry every since he released his debut single “I Got It”. While fans were enjoying his record, he followed up with the hit “Zone 3”. The record has been a huge success as its been on the rotation on BET Jams and continues to gain momentum. Yung LA sat down with Industry Rules to discuss his career. 

AF: When did you know you wanted to be a recording artist?

LA: At 11 years old, I knew I wanted to record music. 

AF: With Atlanta being the new center of Hip Hop, what are some of the elements you are bringing to keep that momentum going?

LA:  For me, I focus on staying outside the box with my sound.

AF: What is the creative process you go through when writing a song?

LA: I have never written music in my life, it’s more of a feeling for me. I get in the booth and say what’s on my mind. 

AF: With Covid19 having a massive affect on the world, what are you doing to stay safe? Are you still honing your skills while under quarantine?

LA: Yes. I actually got my own mask made with #Safe on the mask. I also have a single out right now promoting safety titled #Safe. I put out songs featured on Audiomack where my fans get to see the process of how I put out a song live, from the studio to the internet.

AF: What’s next for you and your career?

LA: I’ve been getting more into non-profit organizations and foundations, also to try to better my community. I’m from Zone 3 and I rep it proudly. 

You can follow Yung LA’s journey via Instagram.

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