YR: What is your Instagram name?

RYP: My Instagram is @rajayunika.

YR: How did you start becoming an Influencer?

RYP: I became an influencer because I am an Indonesian public figure (actress). I get invitations for promotional events and entrusted by the brand to become an influencer. Also, I model for fashion and beauty brands (i.e. Anya Arabella, a Malaysian cosmetic label).

YR: What do you like the most about being an Influencer?

RYP: The thing I like the most about being an influencer is that I enjoy this job. It requires me as an influencer to always look for ideas that are interesting, to look natural with no special settings (filters). Influencers must be good at strategic marketing so that consumers and influencers mutually beneficial each other.

YR: What have you learned about being an Influencer?

RYP: I learned that as an influencer I should be a good person, nice, and motivate my followers and my fans. As an influencer, it definitely makes me more feel confident which has helped me become an international influencer and public figure.

YR: Which city/country do you live in?

RYP: I live in Jakarta City, Indonesia.

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