It’s Ads Galore For Zachary!

With humble beginnings in Tampa Bay, Florida, Zachary Vazquez has surely come a long way in his creative space. We’ve all seen La La Land (movie starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone), and we all know just how hard it is to get a break in the entertainment and arts industry. With sheer hard work, discipline and raw talent, Zach has been able to make a name for himself.

One of the domains he enjoys is the advertisement/commercial space, both print and visual media. While the print media allows him to model and pursue one side of his passion, visual media offers a chance to showcase his impeccable acting skills. The best part, he is always doing one better than yesterday!

He has worked with Disney, Universal Orlando and Carphone Warehouse in different commercial roles. Shuayb Dental and Cosmetology Licensing are just two of the many cosmetic feature advertisements he has been part of. GTE Financial, Wyndham Rewards, and Amscot are some of his many other engagements. Zach’s easy charm and friendly attitude come across onscreen, easily allowing him to be the face of every business that runs on trust.

It is perhaps no wonder then that Zachary Vazquez is finding himself in more and more commercials as time goes by, or that we see so much more of him on your screens. Given that Zachary is featured in advertisements for products he personally vouches for and believes in, it is easy for consumers to see value in the proposition.

Some of his commercial features, as well as other short films, can be seen on his Vimeo account where he shares clips of his work. One can also follow his work on social media where he actively shares what he’s been up to (Facebook and Instagram @officialzvazquez, Twitter @ZachVtalent).

A thorough professional, Zach is always on the lookout for commercial features where he can add value. He also believes that a feature is often short, but needs to deliver maximum impact. Therefore, he spends time with the production team to understand their expectations, and delivers a bang.

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