Nowadays we, beauty enthusiasts, love for the products we use to be au natural and organic. But what if our beauty products were also edible, and even delicious?! The Agave Sugar Lip Scrub from Zen by Esnavi comes in a petite case packed with grand ingredients that are hydrating and succulent.

I followed the directions and scrubbed the golden mixture of agave nectar and brown sugar crystals on my full lips, and found myself a little too eager to lick the tasty excess off.

I used it about twice a week and made sure to follow up with my cocoa butter lip balm after each use. In about 2 weeks time, I found my lips to be more soft and definitely more kissable, (according to hubby at least). My lips also rejoiced from the added antioxidant benefits of the vitamin E and vanilla extract found in the Zen by Esnavi’s scrub.

It’s been quite a treat adding a Zen product into my skincare routine, one that both my man and I absolutely enjoy.

More information about this wonderful product to their website

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