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Rewind to 2018 Clemson QB Deshaun Watson had all the promise in the world. He  was being  touted as one of the best in his draft class, and speculation was running wild about if he could go first overall or not. His stats were that

What is it about cycling that makes us feel like we are alive? Maybe it’s that gentle wind in your hair as you ride along a nice bike trail. Or maybe it’s the excitement building inside you while pedaling faster and forward. Either way, there's

While there are some notable athletes that have had success in the music industry, they are sometimes outweighed by those who flopped. Crossovers like this have been hit or miss for decades now, and it’s always interesting to see who will make the jump next. With that

It’s no secret that the topic of mental health has become a more prevalent topic in the world of sports, but not everyone seems to be taking it seriously. In fact, between criticism being heaped on Simone Biles after dropping out of the 2020 Tokyo

While getting into sports at a young age can be a fun way to hang out with friends and learn leadership skills, there is a contingent of players that are looking to go to that next level. This next level requires hard work dedication, and

Who are the most iconic women in sports history? While that question might seem difficult to answer, especially with the plethora of female athletes, it becomes easier when you look at which ones have cemented themselves into the world’s consciousness. With that being said, here

Some things in life age like fine wine and others like a meme that seemed funny at the time but is horribly offensive in hindsight. Unfortunately for this author, the latter is the best metaphor to describe the NFL Super Bowl predictions that were published

Bicycling is a special kind of adventure! An adventure that asks you to exert just a little bit of energy in exchange for a way to explore the world at your own pace. You can literally go at your own speed and soak in every