AF: What was the motivation in getting involved in the modeling industry? HH: My motivation for getting involved in the modeling industry stemmed from a desire to represent my culture, showcase diversity and inspire others. Growing up in Aruba, I saw the beauty of our people and

Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Connor is a dynamic, one-of-a-kind creator, scientist, and gifted communicator. Quirky and innovative with a kick-ass personality, Connor is a contemplative yet fiery redhead with passions for modeling, social psychology, and environmental studies. Connor began her modeling journey somewhat by

Gina Scrocca is a beauty from the outskirts of Philadelphia. The petite 26 year-old model and social media influencer has been able to amass a 10 year career. She has been credited to more than 300 photoshoots. While her model career continues to blossoms, Gina’s

Born and raised in California’s Silicon Valley, Tifany has always had a unique and dynamic background. Known for her exotic looks and fit figure, there’s more than what meets the eye for this San Francisco Bay Area native. Now residing in Southern California and Miami,