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Imagine if your side hustle evolved into a national gem and revolutionized an entire culture. In the 80s, Video Music Box was a baby born out of a necessity that nobody knew was there, except Ralph McDaniels. The legendary VJ created the paragon of music

Global warming is one of the most pressing issues of our time that’s easy to ignore because it’s not overtly threatening and therefore, easy to justify. As winters become unseasonably warmer, summers become more scorching with less rain, and parts of the world known for

In the world of fitness massive muscles are guaranteed and it’s even expected to come with egos to match. Consequently, it’s such a delight to meet a fitness guru whose passion is so pure and childlike, it instantly brings you joy and makes you ponder

Since 1985, the enCourage Kids Foundation (EKF), has helped humanize healthcare for children and their families by resourcing impact-driven pediatric programs and supporting the child life community. EKF is a significant philanthropic force that has invested more than 50 million dollars to help medically challenged

George Washington Carver was an American agricultural chemist, agronomist or soil expert, and educator for much of his career, having taught and completed research at the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute in Alabama. Notable as one of the most recognizable African-American scientists of the early 20th

There are people in this world destined to be a guiding light for generations to come. To forge paths into worlds marginalized young men and women never even knew existed. It’s a feat in itself to make space in a field your community knows very

New York has proven to be a breeding ground for enterprising spirits. So much so, that the term “New York artist” has become synonymous with grit and entrepreneurship. One thing’s for sure, the concrete jungle has ideal conditions for developing Hip Hop legends, like our

Men’s health is as important as women’s health, but it’s rarely talked about-by men themselves in private settings, and most definitely not in public settings, and the media. Movember is the leading charity for men’s health so that our brothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and really