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The Goodtime Hotel is exactly what it sounds like - a good time, in fact the best time, where fun meets hospitality and hipster design. It’s the first lifestyle collaboration hotel brand between Pharrell Williams and David Grutman of Groot Hospitality. With 266 rooms and

In this day and age of social media, image is everything. Some might even argue it is more esteemed than character. But what about the image in your head? The one you hold of yourself and of your life that plays incessantly in your subconscious?

It was a flawless fall day in Brooklyn. The shining sun partnered with the whimsical wind to delight and dance on my chocolate skin, as I took a stroll down Malcolm X Boulevard. I discovered a chic vegan cafe and felt compelled to go in

chef lemaire article Did you eat already? oh, you haven’t yet? Yeah

So often we look at models and we write them off as gorgeous hollow figures. It’s probably a combination of media and jealousy that constructs our assumption that people so beautiful can’t have much else going for them. Male Model, Rudy Bundini, is an excellent

Seeking to capture the unique spirit and aesthetic of summer, Sevenfriday have released a themed timepiece just in time for those looking to have fun in the sun in style. In fact, the watch is called Caipi, which is a name you might have heard

Dr. Emil and Dr. Rada Shakov are a power couple that’s taking the world of cosmetic enhancements, weight-loss, and non-surgical beauty procedures by storm. After many years of devoted education to pursue their purpose in the medical industry, they previously worked for private practices. With

DJ Envy is one of the most prolific radio personalities in the modern music era. As a member of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, his distinctive voice resonates over the airways to millions of listeners every day. The Queens, New York native began his career