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I had the opportunity to speak with Eddie Fahmy, owner A2Z Consulting and spokesperson for the Bethpage Burger Bar, the latest buzz on Long Island. The Bethpage Burger Bar is a family friendly eatery that serves different types of burgers, comfort food and vegetarian dishes,

Serves 6 This is a perfect recipe for a lazy Sunday when time is on your side. You start with a few ingredients and then you forget about it for a few hours, let it simmer and develop the most amazing rich flavors, until you’re left

Chef Adrain, known as “The Culinary Alchemist,” was born and raised in the heart of Cajun country, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So you already know he is well versed in spicy, tasty, unique food. Cajun food certainly played a large role in forming his taste

Chef Adrian Ignat is the founder of Taste of Truffles which is a wholesaler and retailer of truffles. After attending Sofia’s University in Bulgaria to study Sociology, he moved to the United States in 2000 under the exchange student program. Armed with a backpack, he

Freshly frying up a batch of these doughnuts is one of my absolute favorite ways to spoil my guests. , Without all the kneading, waiting, rolling, and so on, this is an easy treat for a host to put together at the last minute, and

OTACA Tequila OTACA Tequila epitomizes the very best of tequila with its Spring 2021 launch throughout Southern California. That should come as no surprise since its founders, husband-and-wife duo, Anthony and Nicole Accetta, have dedicated years to researching, tasting, and getting down to a science---what would

Quay restaurant in Sydney, Australia, is the type of fine dining establishment that can immaculately preserve the fine balance between location, ambiance, service and cuisine that is required. The more you learn about this restaurant that sits directly across from the Sydney Opera House, on

I have had the privilege to work with Chef David Burke years ago at a restaurant in NYC. Back then, Burke was known for his American cuisine as well as his Cheesecake Lollipops which I had the pleasure to indulge in at work. Burke has