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Teriyaki salmon is one of the most popular Japanese cuisine. Its rich Teriyaki sauce combine with a salmon does wonders for your taste buds. Teriyaki salmon is a quick savory and easy recipe to make for all occasions. Ingredients  2 TBSP oil2-3 Salmon filletS4 tsp Soy sauce 3

Finally … a Distillery for the Skeptics Grains. Fermentation. Distillation. Flavor. Fresh. It’s part creativity, taste, and chemistry mixed with a dash of mad scientist. It’s how Skeptic Distillery has proven themselves to not just the skeptics, but to the USA Spirits Competition where they took

You know the saying, “Good health is only 30% exercise and 70% nutrition.” So although you are dedicating 30 min an hour of exercise most days of the week, the real results won’t come in until you address your urge to grab a sausage, egg,

Trimino is the protein-infused water that is perfect for the post-workout recovery, weight loss journey, or overall passion for a healthier lifestyle. Good for you, as well as flavorful, Trimino comes in seven different flavors including: peach, mixed berry, coconut pineapple, strawberry lemonade, raspberry limeade,

Like almost every other in-demand product, ranging from Birkens to Rolexes to even sofas, there’s a backlog and shortage of one of the most prized truffles of all time, the white truffle, scientifically known as Tuber Magnatum pico. Already one of the rarest types of

Strawberry Cheesecake is one of the top desserts for seasonal and holiday occasions. It’s always a big hit at dinner time and an awesome way to cap the night after a delicious meal. A moderate serving with your favorite red wine is always ideal. Ingredients - The

Get ready to take over the winter by improving your energy with some healthy meal choices that will increase focus, help you beat fatigue, and boost productivity. If you’re like me have been eating nothing but high sugar foods, you may feel rather groggy and unable

I had the opportunity to speak with Eddie Fahmy, owner A2Z Consulting and spokesperson for the Bethpage Burger Bar, the latest buzz on Long Island. The Bethpage Burger Bar is a family friendly eatery that serves different types of burgers, comfort food and vegetarian dishes,