Pete Rock is one of the all-time greatest producers in the Hip Hop culture. With a music career that spans over 35 years, his production catalogue is overly extensive and impressive. The Mount Vernon native has worked with iconic artists such as Wu Tang Clan,

Hardstone is an amazing international artist and talent from Kenya. His tenure in music industry has lasted for decades. He continues to make history with unique style and flair. His hits have been known worldwide and he has made a huge impact in expanding the

Musa Pain Gold Reliever is an African-American and woman-owned business for all-natural and therapeutic products that are great for active people who need to recover well from sports injuries. It’s a plant-based company with a large catalog of health and beauty products that is not

Born and raised in Queens, New York but now residing in sunny South Florida, you can hear the distinguishing hybrid sound of Big Body Mayo a.k.a BBM instantly. He is a cross breed of Hip-Hop and rap. BBM has been recording since the age of 16 and seems to

The SP-1200 is not a household name if you’re not a music head, but the Rossum SP-1200 is the sampling percussion system that created millionaires. You might be asking what exactly a sampling percussion system is; to put it simply, it’s a 12-bit drum machine and sampler that formed

The summertime is here, and we’re excited about the weather change. June is officially Black Music Month. With music being the focus for this month, we decided to show some love to the music producers, specifically Hip-Hop producers. They are the cornerstone and foundation of

Boxed Water has become the poster child for sustainable water, known for its plant-based packaging and eye-popping branding. It’s attention to detail is such that even now its cap is plant-based, derived from FSC-certified sustainably grown trees that are also used for bioenergy and pulp.

Mental Health Awareness month is May. However, given that more Americans are recognizing the importance of actively improving their mental health, mental health awareness can be every day. COVID-19 has only accelerated the trend towards taking aware of your mental health. In 2020 alone, the