There’s a new player in luxury spirits based in peaceful Connecticut: Summit Vodka. As the name suggests, it’s not only a vodka, but is symbolic of the summit or apex of careful artistry and environmental stewardship. With the care and attention put into creating every

If you been to Miami recently, then you probably seen model, fashion blogger and stylist Viktoria Myr taking fashionable photos throughout the city.  The fashion influencer is continuing to help others with her style coaching. Every photo that she post on her social media channels

Richie Valentino has been a staple in the Long Island, New York night scene for a very long time. The successful nightclub and concert producer is best known for executive producing the Jones Beach “Latin Nights” Concert Series. He also recorded several voice overs for

Trimino is the protein-infused water that is perfect for the post-workout recovery, weight loss journey, or overall passion for a healthier lifestyle. Good for you, as well as flavorful, Trimino comes in seven different flavors including: peach, mixed berry, coconut pineapple, strawberry lemonade, raspberry limeade,

AF: What was the motivation in getting involved in the modeling industry? HH: My motivation for getting involved in the modeling industry stemmed from a desire to represent my culture, showcase diversity and inspire others. Growing up in Aruba, I saw the beauty of our people and

THE LIGHTSTONE GROUP's 2.5B MOXY BLUEPRINT The Lightstone Group, a premier, New York-based, real estate development and investment company that manages, owns & operates 8 Moxy hotels franchises in 3 major cities (New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami), has established the blueprint of how to

Lil Pak, born Malik Arif is a Pakistani American Hip Hop Artist born in Abbottabad, Pakistan and grew up in Baltimore, Maryland.  He discovered his love for music at a very early age. Growing up listening to legendary artists such as Lil Wayne, TuPac, and Drake.   Lil Pak knew that he would

MINX is a New York City-based clothing brand created by New Yorker and Greek-American, Des Kotsis. MINX has an eclectic collection that’s influenced by the energy of New York City, entrepreneurial spirit and the cultural background of its founder. Currently, MINX offers a variety of boutique