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Being a successful foundational Black American of 2020 is nothing new. Black Americans have contributed our conservativeness to the United States , for hundreds of years, we built and shaped the energy of this country. The first Black leaders in America were sent to Africa, which

Misogyny represents the hate and disrespect of women in society. When it comes to the music industry, this energy has been vastly welcomed. It’s common to watch a video or hear a song that readily degrade women, specifically, black women. It’s now normalize and part

Black women had just as much as rights as the Man, they both could own property. Kind of like how in America, how Annie Malone and Madam Cj Walker became one the first black millionaire women before any white women in America. Annie Malone &

African Americans living in Alabama, and the rest of the south grew restless, this would start the Great Migration out of the south. Southern African Americans moved to northern cities as well as the west coast. Between 1915 and 1920, 1 million African Americans moved