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I had the pleasure to interview Lora Sappenfield, Owner of Lumina Skin and learn of her passion for the Beauty industry as well as Lumina Spa which she opened in New York City. Lumina Spa has quickly become the go to center for various beauty needs and will continue to expand its offerings. 

“New York has been so kind to me! I built a successful career in Fashion Merchandising and Design which I enjoyed for about 20 years. After that, I indulged in my love for NYC Real Estate and joined the Corcoran Group. But my dream has always been to start my own brand. I thought it would be in fashion! But instead, I have been thrilled to leverage my long-time passion for Beauty and Skincare to create the beautiful brand, with beautiful services, Lumina Skin.”

It is exciting to see this brand build awareness and, yes, buzz! Lumina Skin is dedicated to building confidence and health through high-end skin improving technology. 

“All of our devices are FDA approved and proven to be very effective. I like to say that our core competency is building collagen which leads to healthier, tighter, plumper and younger skin. We build back what has deteriorated since your mid 20’s! This reduces the need for fillers and Botox, but many people do both with fabulous results. We also address hair loss, unwanted pigment and sunspots, broken capillaries, acne, scars, stubborn fat, cellulite and much more. But you’ll feel like you’re in a luxury spa being pampered amidst beauty and love.”

“We are thrilled to provide our clients with a benefits program that serves their needs and saves them money! We have 3 levels which provide our Lumina League Members with a choice of monthly services, depending on the level of membership. For instance, if you would like to do IPL, 3 sessions at a minimum are most beneficial. With our $199 level you can have that service monthly, included in the membership. So instead of paying $300 for IPL, you just pay that monthly $199. All memberships also include a 10% discount on all services and 15% off all products. This can be substantial when you buy a package of Hair Restoration or Radio Frequency Microneedling.”

As we know, NYC has so many wonderful spas. What is the main thing that sets you apart from your competition?

“That’s a great question that I love answering. Throughout my years in NYC, I have been to multiple Dermatologists and popular skin service chains. I was often surprised by their offerings. For instance, a very popular chain has a device that one could probably purchase on Amazon and then, to the other extreme, the Morpheus8. Morpheus8 is an extreme experience and controversial as it can harm people in the wrong practitioners’ hands. So, my goal was to create a beautiful, comfortable space where we can treat a huge range of different concerns with FDA approved devices that are proven to produce results. In fact, some of my treatments are only provided at high-end Dermatologists offices. But many have chosen to come to Lumina Skin for the delicious spa pampering PLUS the skin and hair changing technology.”

TED has become quite the rage, and we know a few of your clients who are having it done at Lumina Skin.

“Yes, we are all loving TED! It’s truly incredible at restoring hair, reducing shedding and thickening hair painlessly and effectively.  Most people fall asleep during the treatment! Hair loss, and shedding is incredibly prevalent in both men and women. Many things can cause hair loss including stress, hormones, medications, weight loss…and the list goes on. Other hair solutions involve heavy chemicals or growing more hair EVERYWHERE which is not desirable to most. The serum we use with the TED has growth factors, peptides and many other nutrients that support re-awakening hair follicles, strengthening the hair you have and stopping shedding in the treated areas. I have so many happy clients because of TED! And our results have been so great, Lumina Skin has been featured on the manufacturers’ socials multiple times.”

Let’s talk about acne scars and the treatments you offer.

“This is quite common, and we have a couple of potent treatments. 

The top of the line for this is the Reverso, which is the safe, much less painful version of Morpheus8. Reverso uses a powerful combination of radio frequency technology, microneedling and heat/ coagulation. These three modalities treat some of the most noticeable skin imperfections. It’s excellent for uneven texture, including scarring and pitting, those typical acne leftovers. In addition, it improves overall skin quality and health, reverses aging, tightens skin, reduces unwanted pigmentation, and promotes collagen production. Everyone can benefit from using the Reverso. It’s my go to for sure!

The VI Peel is also a great step to help with acne scars. This skin-resurfacing treatment removes the outer layers of your skin and eliminates dead skin cells, allowing smoother and more youthful-looking skin to emerge. We offer the VI Precision Plus Peel which effectively addresses active acne, and acne scars but also sun damage, fine wrinkles and skin discoloration. Just know that if acne scarring, or scarring of any kind, is a concern for you, Lumina Skin has several powerful solutions that will help!”

Which treatments do you offer to those with unwanted pigment and sunspots?

“That’s a great question. I don’t think people realize how much pigmentation can visually age you. Lumina Skin offers IPL, one of the most popular treatments in America. IPL is the FDA approved, gold standard for unwanted brown spots, redness and broken capillaries. Often called a Photo facial, IPL harnesses light-based technology to effectively reduce the signs of aging, address sun damage, Rosacea, vascular imperfections, and hyperpigmentation. And yes, true to the Lumina Skin brand, IPL also builds collagen, which rejuvenates the skin. 

The VI Peel is an excellent way to kick off your journey to pigmentation-free skin. Starting here can make future IPL treatments more productive because it removes the superficial damage and after, we can target what’s left even more effectively.”

Cellulite is an issue for most women. Which treatment do you recommend
for those who struggle with this?

“We have special technology for this. Many spas have radio frequency which is amazing. We have the Venus Legacy which is a combination of 3 powerful technologies. This device has radio frequency, which tightens skin, suction, which allows deep tissue release, breaking up cellulite fibers, and pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF which is all about the body healing. When our body heals, it builds collagen and elastin, all great for smooth firm skin. These three superpowers also boost circulation, drain toxins and improves your lymphatic system. And the best part about it, it feels like a hot stone massage. With any of our body contouring services, you’ll need multiple treatments, but we offer great packages, and we will get you those results!”

What is the best service for people who are looking for radiant skin?

“For younger people, I highly recommend a routine including Radio Frequency Microneedling. Once a year they should do 3 consecutive monthly treatments on the Viva device. It’s not necessary to start the Reverso yet, unless you have scarring to address. This will maintain collagen while also stimulating new collagen production, to age more slowly. And as a practice during the other months, I highly recommend our facials. If your skin is congested, we will take care of that and add a light salicylic peel. If not, a lactic peel is great to brighten and refresh skin with no downtime. Good to challenge your skin with these types of treatments.

If you are older, the Reverso (Radio Frequency Microneedling) is a must. The same cadence, 3 consecutive monthly treatments every year. IPL is also a game changer for fair people with a lot of sun damage. That is instant radiance! Then I love the Zen Radiance Facial that uses Radio Frequency to tighten and refresh skin. Great before an event too! I would add 2 VI Peels per year and some lighter Lactic Acid peels along the way. Just keep surprising the skin! It will improve your skin quality, tone, and texture at any age. Never too late to feel more confident.”

“At Lumina Skin, we love to pamper our clients while providing top notch services and technology. I have invested in the best skin and hair treatments for proven results in a luxurious and comfortable environment. Lumina Skin is a place you can come with your skin and hair concerns, and we will have multiple expert options for you. And we are really nice people! Clients say it all the time and I personally love a welcoming, warm environment when I’m doing something as personal as treating my skin and body. Come in or Zoom a free consultation and see! We can’t wait to meet you!”

Instagram & TikTok: @luminaskinnyc

Facebook: Lumina Skin

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