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Pete Rock is one of the all-time greatest producers in the Hip Hop culture. With a music career that spans over 35 years, his production catalogue is overly extensive and impressive. The Mount Vernon native has worked with iconic artists such as Wu Tang Clan,

Hardstone is an amazing international artist and talent from Kenya. His tenure in music industry has lasted for decades. He continues to make history with unique style and flair. His hits have been known worldwide and he has made a huge impact in expanding the

After reading this article you will know exactly who to call to give you your dream vacation of a lifetime. Arquetta Bowman has been making dreams come true by providing her clients with the best possible luxurious vacation experience. Whether your destination is Dubai, Miami,

Lynn K. Hobson is a woman of many talents. From becoming a university professor to being a sought-after publicist, she has perfected all aspects of being a business professional. The Washington, DC native has worked with the legendary Mike Tyson, The Diplomats, Lil Mo, Essence

Rickssen Opont is an athlete who is highly driven and focused in following his dreams and loves to inspire others while doing it. Competing in the Olympics is one of those dreams that is almost coming true.  Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Rickssen moved to New

Recording artist jam. is a 24-year old native of Massachusetts. His self starting attitude and high energy is totally magnetic. When speaking to him, you instantly become impress with this passion and dedication to his craft. He spent years honing his sound and now he’s

Jay Copes is a multi-talented recording artist from Camden, New Jersey. The talented Jay Copes plays multiple instruments such as the flute, drums and the violin. He honed his skills as an artist while in high school where he competed as a football player

I had the pleasure of speaking to a well known and respected business man in the music and entertainment industry, Craig W. Prescott. He is the CEO of The WARROOM, LLC which specializes in the production, management for music producers, engineers, artists, models, actors, athletes