Recording artist jam. is a 24-year old native of Massachusetts. His self starting attitude and high energy is totally magnetic. When speaking to him, you instantly become impress with this passion and dedication to his craft. He spent years honing his sound and now he’s ready for the world and the universe to hear his music.

I had the pleasure to speak to jam. to discuss his music and his budding career:

EB: How have you been under the world’s COVID-19 pandemic?

jam. – I feel like maybe my answer to this might be a bit different, definitely during this time. I grew up a lot [through the pandemic]. I figured how to become a self-sufficient artist. During this pandemic, it has been all about music for me. I feel that during this time I got my life together.

I started making my first album right after March 14, about when the quarantine first got announced. So, from March 14 to my birthday in October 2020 (which is when I drop the Classic series albums) I just locked myself in the studio, doing 12- hour sessions everyday, and that’s how I made my debut studio album.

EB: Your music seems to have high energy vibe to it. How would you describe your music to our audience?

jam. – When I dropped the album, all types of people hit me up, from all walks of life. They were saying that it helped them in different ways. I believe that my music is unique and it’s open for interpretation. I would say if you’re tired of hearing what you been hearing, I’m the one for you. Come listen to me. 

EB: Can you let me know the direction of your newest album, “Classic Reloaded”? What was the preparation process?

jam. – With this album, it was like I was going on “Easy mode” after doing the first album during the pandemic. I felt wiser and much more knowledgeable. I made sure I didn’t do the mistakes I did on the first album. I feel like during the process of building my first album I learned so much that it was so much easier to do the second album. 

The direction of this album in this series specifically “Classic Reloaded” is to be 10 times better than the last album.

With “Classic Reloaded”, I had something to beat for the first time. This series is going to be a trilogy so there’s another one coming next year which will also be released on my birthday that will be “Classic Revolution” and that will be the end of the series.

I use these albums as milestones in my life. To me, this album is much more than 21 songs on a streaming service. To me, this is representation of the life I was living before I started the album, the life I’m living during I’m creating the album, and where I will be after the album is over. There is a lot of personal goals that I achieved with this album and it’s something that you can hear in the sound and I think I did a really good job with that. 

EB: Who has been your hardest critic? What did you learn from that person?

jam. – I feel like other’s have answered that they themselves are their hardest critic, but the fact is when I started this album I weighted 165 lbs at 6’3. By the end of the album I weighted 127 lbs. So, no one is a harder critic than me to myself, and no one is in competition with me than myself. Sleeping about only 4 hours a sleep a week, having 3 day ventures, I would sleep here and there, skipping meals and just sitting in front of the computer because I thought the songs were not good enough. Fixing things and creating I would put in as my hours as possible daily.

I lost about 33 lbs of muscle lost making this album. If you see pictures of me compared side to side of before I started making the album and how I look now, I look like I aged about 10 years. Making this album I went through a rollercoaster. And I truly appreciate the people that were with me in the process, to deal with me and believe in the project as much as I did, they are the real ones. 

EB: What’s next for your career?

jam. – Right now, I’m going to enjoy this time now that the album is out. I will be back in the studio this coming February to work on the final album of this series.

I also have a bunch of shows around New England and New York, and by next spring me and my band are going to start our own tour which is really exciting. 

In the future, I definitely want to help others make music. I want to be the person that I wish I had a couple years, even right now. I want to be that [guy]. I want to help the young artists who have the grind, but have situations in their lives are not favorable. I would like to mentor them and show them that there’s always a way. 

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