The new buzz in the music industry is H.A.M which stands for Hot as Music. The group consist of Miracle, Niah and producer BMore-P. Discovered by television and record executive El-admin, the group is quickly gaining momentum after the release of their newest single, “Turnin Me On”. 

The group talked to Industry Rules about their new single:

AF: Can you describe your latest single, “Turnin Me On”? 

H.A.M: “Turnin Me On” is an IG conversation between a man and woman based on an online attraction sung to an up-tempo BPM with a groovy baseline and infectious lyrics.

AF: You’re starting to gain some momentum in the music industry with your style and creativity. What was the major influence in getting into the music industry? 

H.A.M: My major influence for wanting to get into the music industry has been my love for wordplay and listening to artists like Nicki Minaj. I fell in love with Nicki’s flow, and I started playing with words over beats and I realized it was more than a hobby. Niah has been singing since she was in Kindergarten, and she fell in love with singing for people. Artist like Monica, Jazmin Sullivan, and Erykah Badu have all been influential in her passion for singing and song writing.

AF: Can you take me through the process of creating your music?

H.A.M: We met up with music producer BMore-P and Rashad who is a record executive/producer, and he explained the concept for the group and organically we talked vibes, and how black house/dance music is coming back i.e. Drake and Beyoncé. So, when creating songs like “Turnin Me On” that has been the gauge for our music. We want to create music that is different and has an impact.

AF: Who has been your hardest critic? What did you learn from that person?

H.A.M: We are our own hardest critics. We are constantly analyzing our music. When we go in the studio and create a missile and feel satisfied 5 minutes later we are at it again. Sometimes, it can get frustrating trying to make sure that it’s perfect. We just want people to love our music as much as we do, but it makes us better because we are always looking for ways to top what has been already done.

AF: What’s next for your career and how can people find business opportunities for you?

H.A.M: What’s next is signing to a major label. A lot of DJs are rocking with us and showing love. H-dubb, DJ Wallah, DJ Reddz, DJ Will, DJ Pharris, Tony Neal, DJ Bootsie, Big Leem, DJ SuperStar Jay and others are going H.A.M. We want the whole world to enjoy our music so the machine will give us the opportunity to spread music, and we appreciate and understand the opportunity.

You can follow H.A.M via Instagram @H.A.Mofficial.

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