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I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Bryan Forley who is one of the top plastic surgeons in Manhattan and one of the few doctors leading the industry with non-invasive technology. Dr. Forley is a surgeon who truly cares for his patients and wants the

Standing at a staggering 5’10, Taylor Edwards is one of America’s most beautiful plus size model. Like most women in the country, she was not born skinny. Weighing over 200 pounds and wearing a size 14, she managed to conquer her self-esteem issues after childbirth.

DJ Carlito was introduced to music at a young age. Born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico and raised in Brooklyn, New York, his mother took him to several music festivals as a youth. With the exposure, he developed a passion for music.  In 2007, DJ Carlito pursed

Richie Valentino has been a staple in the Long Island, New York night scene for a very long time. The successful nightclub and concert producer is best known for executive producing the Jones Beach “Latin Nights” Concert Series. He also recorded several voice overs for

Urban Meyer is a winner. He has been a staple of winning since his days as a coach for Bowling Green in 2001. In his first year of the program, he was awarded Mid-American Conference Coach of the year. He then took his knowledge and

Elvisa Dedic is an amazing social media influencer and brand ambassador. Born in Bosnia and Hercegovina, the beautiful model moved to the United States when she was 11 years old. That transition allowed her to focus on her scholastics as well as set achievable goals

Whether you're maintaining that sizzling summer body you've already worked so hard for, or you're trying to polish off that last bit of winter fluff for this weekend's pool party, these cool tips will keep you looking hot until sweater season comes back around. It's a

The 2021 NFL Draft is on April 25th through the 27th. From Trevor Lawrence to Kyle Pitts, this year's draft is loaded with talent. There's also intrigue as four other quarterback prospects in Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Matt Jones and Tray Lance are all aspected