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Born and raised in Queens, New York but now residing in sunny South Florida, you can hear the distinguishing hybrid sound of Big Body Mayo a.k.a BBM instantly. He is a cross breed of Hip-Hop and rap. BBM has been recording since the age of 16 and seems to

If you are ever touring the city of Los Angeles, you’re bound to see Adela Guerra taking inspirational images for her business and social media platforms. The beautiful published model turned entrepreneur has been inspiring others for over a decade. Originally from South America, Adela

Jacqueline City Apparel is the brainchild of actress, model, and 25-year-old artist, Jacqueline City. Her inclusive fashion brand provides a fresh take on urban apparel geared towards all genders, with plus size options available. Rooted in Philadelphia, Jacqueline provides a young artistic originality that’s often

Whether you're maintaining that sizzling summer body you've already worked so hard for, or you're trying to polish off that last bit of winter fluff for this weekend's pool party, these cool tips will keep you looking hot until sweater season comes back around. It's a

Lisa Migliorini is a 28 year-old runner from Italy (close to Milan). Running and being fashionable is her passion. Her daily routine consist of running, running and more running. It all started as a childhood hobby where she would often run. It soon became a

For 40 years, Berenice M. Suarez, Owner of Berenice Electrolysis & Personal Beauty Center, has been taking care of beautifying her clients for four generations. From electrolysis, laser hair removal, waxing, body sculpting, and more, Berenice and her team are the go to team on

Born and raised in California’s Silicon Valley, Tifany has always had a unique and dynamic background. Known for her exotic looks and fit figure, there’s more than what meets the eye for this San Francisco Bay Area native. Now residing in Southern California and Miami,

The Hip Hop culture is one of the most dynamic cultures throughout the society. Whether it’s fashion, dialect or realism, its powerful content can change the world. When we reflect on the history of Hip Hop music, there’s never been a more influential year than