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Kim Wilson Marshall

Kim Wilson Marshall is a well rounded seasoned publicist who established her own company, Wilson Marshall PR+Special Events, back in 2012. Her firm specifically provides partnerships engagement, public relations, social media and special event services for small to midsize businesses and nonprofit organizations. As the Director and Founder, Ms. Wilson Marshall developed and launch a new division, WM Experiences. This brand new extension of her company provides service for hospitality and lifestyle clients. Nearly ten years after establishing her own company and developing her own niche, Ms. Wilson Marshall continues to set the bar for women PR professionals. 

She took the time out of her busy schedule to talk to Industry Rules about her public relations career and new initiatives:

AF: How did you get into public relations?

KWM: I was attending Fashion Institute of Technology as Merchandising major and failing math. I had a public relations course that changed my life along with reading Terrie Williams book “The Personal Touch”.

AF: Can you share some your most memorable moments for Wilson Marshall PR+Special Events?

KWM: There are so many…anytime I secure national and international placements for clients is memorable to me. Also amplifying my clients to be recognized within their industries with awards and notable recognition is pretty awesome. I created WMPR Wins page on my website to culminate a running list of accolades for my clients and the company.

AF: In 2020, you launched a new devision, WM Experiences. What was the motivation for introducing this subsidiary of your company?

KWM: I had secured hospitality clients and began providing long term services for many including Harlem Shake, HH Bespoke Spirits and Daleview Biscuits & Beer. So I decide to create a special division to specifically serve hospitality and lifestyle based especially women-owned or Black/Brown owned businesses. This led to securing my culinary tech clients EatOkra and Harlem Park to Park “Harlem Restaurant Week”.

AF: How has COVID-19 affected your business?

KWM: Big time I lost 30% of revenue from cancelling all in person live events that my company was to produce. It was very sad and unsettling however it forced me to really learn about my business and secured grants and federal funding to keep my business afloat and maintain my staff.

AF: Who has been your hardest critic? What did you learn from that person?

KWM: Me – I am very hard on myself because I always want to grow and evolve to my highest good.

AF: What advice would you give someone who’s looking to become a publicist?

KWM: Read. Ask questions. Practice your writing skills. Practice your speaking skills. Practice your people skills. Practice your patience.

AF: What’s next for you career and how can people connect with you for business opportunities?

KWM: My company turns the big 10 in 2022 and I am so blessed and look forward to growing the business with collaborations with other agencies, secure speaking engagements for myself, offer more services for small to mid size businesses and nonprofits and expand my staff to handle more clients beyond NYC and submit my work for award consideration. 

People can learn about me and my company via my website wilsonmarshallpr.com or follow me via Instagram at @wilsonmarshall and @wmexperiences.

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