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He walks into a room and you can instantly feel his powerful presence. You brace yourself expecting to grind through a stale conversation with yet another imperious professional; but the legendary stylist sits down and makes you feel like you’ve become the most important part

My inner Goddess Child jumped with joy when I discovered SUVA Beauty. I was like a little girl witnessing the magic of a rainbow for the first time. In total awe, I was determined to reach the sky and dance with the colors, and an

Successful actress and recording artist turned CryptoQueen, Darcy Donovan’s scope of skill and influence is boundless. She’ll captivate audiences in a scene with Will Ferrell one moment, then dominate in the Web3 world in the next. Now the CMO of Ecoin Finance, a pioneer in

Imagine if your side hustle evolved into a national gem and revolutionized an entire culture. In the 80s, Video Music Box was a baby born out of a necessity that nobody knew was there, except Ralph McDaniels. The legendary VJ created the paragon of music

In the world of fitness massive muscles are guaranteed and it’s even expected to come with egos to match. Consequently, it’s such a delight to meet a fitness guru whose passion is so pure and childlike, it instantly brings you joy and makes you ponder

We all know about the fairy godmother, but what if I told you there’s also such a thing as the Versace Godfather. He didn’t emanate from thin air to make the dreams of a poor young maiden come true; however, he does seem to have

When the scene unfolds Khujo now 51 years old reminisces on the legacy he and his fellow group mates produced with one dynamic verse after another. This noteworthy scene could easily lead to the ending credits, nevertheless it’s been curated perfectly as the opening of

There are people in this world destined to be a guiding light for generations to come. To forge paths into worlds marginalized young men and women never even knew existed. It’s a feat in itself to make space in a field your community knows very