Meet Albert

Meet Albert

In an era where 47% of American families say then cannot afford an unexpected $400 expense, according to the Federal Reserve the question looms as 2016 comes to a close: What do we do now?

A recent presidential victory has exposed weakness in the accuracy of data prediction.  Not only has everyone been immersed into an utterly unpredictable time in history, but predictions have catapulted many into unsettling worry.  As predicted by Jim Rogers of the Quantum Fund in The Sovereign Investor recently, “A $68 trillion ‘Biblical’ collapse is poised to wipe out millions of Americans.”  Needless to say, the sobering election has inspired a focus on personal finances but the real questions when it comes to personal finances may be: where do we look, who do we ask, and who can we trust?

We caught up with Yinon Ravid, one of the founders of MeetAlbert, a fintech app that launched in June 2016, that endeavors to help consumers rethink the approach to personal finances and other advice across many fields.  And it is free.  The app promises minimal jargon (whew) and allows consumers to take action directly from the app.  Albert is created by Ravid and Andzej Baraniak who have spent over a decade in the financial services industry refining “simple, actionable advice.”  Ravid states, “We created Albert to rethink the way people make basic financial decisions.”
Albert is saying all the right things on its website, such as getting loans in just a few taps, insurance with a thumbprint, and save automatically each week, but does Ravid use it?  He does. “Absolutely. Albert helps us track all our financial accounts in a single place and helps us track our financial health in real time.  In my opinion, the best financial advice is practical and easy to act on.  We built Albert to rethink the way people make basic financial decisions.”
Ravid reports, “incredible growth and support from our community.”  Currently Albert is the #1 app in the finance category of the iOS app store and is secure, using bank-level security to protect sensitive information.  When in financial doubt declutter, turn to tech, trust professionals willing to help make your financial life simple and actionable and remember, everybody’s money is green.  The secret, simple Albert sauce seems to be working.  According to Ravid, helping app users declutter is really the big payoff.

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