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¿Te vas? (Are you leaving?)

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Director Statement: After my education and several projects as director of photography, with ¿Te vas? (Are you leaving?), due to the creation of my own production company with other partners (Think Mol Producciones), I had the opportunity to experience my role as a director and carry out at last my own story, from the beginning to the end.

¿Te vas? (Are you leaving?) Contains many of the things that I wanted to tell a long time ago, which, even without noticing, converged all together in this story.

From a technical point of view, it implied a combination of two of my big passions: traditional or static photography and cinematography. My beginnings were with the former, which I still practise and enjoy. Later on I initiated myself in cinema, which also trapped me.

Both disciplines have things in common but, at the same time, they are very different. In ¿Te vas? (Are you leaving?), due to the way the characters remained motionless at the beginning of the short film, I could enjoy of the essence of both at the same time.

On the one hand, I wanted to freeze time in a very precise moment (because basically this short is that, an instant), so that viewers could witness what was happening in every corner of the house at that time. I wanted the audience to have the sense to move within that frozen time and could simultaneously experience the eternity of a moment of terror. On the other hand I wanted to use, through the static of the characters, one of the most powerful expressive tools that the still photography possess: the power of a gesture suspended in time, able to suggest the before and after that we see in the image.

Narratively speaking, this short film, beside of being full of romanticism, deals with an endemic and universal problem as the domestic violence.

Almost every morning we hear on the news about another woman killed by her partner. Thus I felt the need to talk about it and try to keep people thinking about a problem that is far from being solved. I thought about the oldness of this problem, the small progress that we have made, and I realised that it was even already present on the princesses tales we were told when we were little, either they were contemporary or the traditional ones. Were not they all based on a woman trapped in a tower? A sorrowful princess yearning for freedom?

That is when I decided that the main character would be one of those princesses (hence her fairy tale clothing immersed in such a gloomy environment), and that this time, this fairy tale would reveal the reality that is hidden behind.


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