The National Anthem

Directed by Benedict Lynch Hadley

The National Anthem opening scene begins on a Monday with the leading person entering the doors of a home from spending time outside. They are going through the home and walking down a street. The individual passes buildings to catch a train while headed to an office. Coming across another masked individual en route to the train station, the train ride is successful. Upon arriving to the office, the person is greeted by coworkers who are masked as well. The individual is welcomed by one holding a cup of coffee and write up to be reviewed.

Tuesday begins with gazing through the outside window then quickly shifts to the office space and to meet with another masked coworker. As the individual looks outside they find 3 masked people outside staring at them. The initial masked individual is arguing with those outside and the coworker beside thee. The closing day ends with the individual at home searching through a fridge while on the telephone.

Wednesday begins on a bed with two that are masked. The day starts off with an argument followed by one relieving tension by going out for a run. Thursday begins at the office no different than any other day. What is different in the sequence of events is that the individual finally reveals face. The individual’s appearance is of the female gender and heads to the restroom to tidy up. She then quickly leaves the work place to meet another. It appears to be who she woke and argued with. The mask then returns to her face as they embrace each other on the street. They then part ways and she enters a taxi to head home. She arrives to her apartment then has a seat to reflect on the days happenings.

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