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Crafted with today’s urbane and cultured guests in mind, SLS Hotels goes far and beyond that of traditional 5-star hotels. SLS Hotels delivers an unparalleled level of sophisticated showmanship and world-class appeal. Located in some of the most sought-after destinations in the world, simply referring to SLS Hotels as “modern” or “stylish” just won’t cut it.

SLS Hotels was created by Sam Nazarian. SLS Hotels is a part of a lifestyle hospitality company called SBE. Nazarian is the Chairman and CEO of this privately held company. Established by Nazarian in 2002, sbe specializes in development, management, and operations. In addition to hotels, under the umbrella of SBE reside top-rated hospitality venues, including restaurants and nightclubs.

The first launch of the elegant and refined fleet of SLS Hotels was in Beverly Hills, California. SLS BEVERLY HILLS debuted in 2008 and never looked back. With the success of SLS BEVERLY HILLS, the SLS brand has expanded to SLS South Beach (2012), SLS Las Vegas (2014), and SLS Brickell (2016). On the horizon, the luxury collection of SLS Hotels is looking forward to its other location openings: SLS Seattle, SLS LUX Brickell, and the SLS Baha Mar (2017); SLS Philadelphia (2018); and SLS Washington D.C., and SLS Puerto Madero (2019).

The energy and pulse of SLS Hotels is unlike anything ever experienced. From the meticulous layout and décor of SLS Hotel spaces to its choice and presentation of cuisine, the direction and production of SLS Hotels is tact and clientele-focused. All SLS Hotels are positioned in the most eye-catching and adorned areas in their respective markets. All locations host illuminating city skylines and/or captivating views. All SLS Hotels include sleek, cutting-edge technology and amenities that would make any guest a lifetime client.

What separates SLS Hotels a part from the competition is this luxury collection of hotel’s ability to redefine hospitality in all of its locations without losing its dynamic culture and identity. For example, SLS Las Vegas offers an in-house casino in addition to its hotel rooms and suites. Also, there are live entertainment options, posh restaurant and bar choices, and hip pool options. SLS Las Vegas provides its visitors with the “Entertainment Capital of the World” all under one roof.

SLS Hotels seamlessly transitions from one city to the next. Across the country, guests can enjoy an unforgettable stay at SLS Brickell. Where grace meets chic, SLS Brickell is located in in the center of downtown Miami. With the flair of Miami as its backdrop, SLS Brickell’s trendy rooftop pool provides fascinating views. SLS Brickell’s well-regarded Ciel spa and award-winning food options allow their guests to unwind and relax.

SLS Hotel South Beach

Almost as impressive as SLS Hotels legendary style and excellence in service are SLS Hotels internationally recognized elite partnerships. Leaving no stone unturned, SLS Hotels has formed and produced a team that echoes the luxury hotel collection’s purposeful nature. Benefitting from sbe’s business model, “revolution through reinvention”, SLS Hotels collaboration with world-renowned “designers, architects, chefs, and developers” makes the competition stand at attention.
Whether guests are enjoying the dining expertise of award-winning Chef José Andrés or the aesthetic and eclectic pleasantries designed by Philippe Starck and Lenny Kravitz, SLS Hotels creates a cultivating and undeniable atmosphere for all.

The distinguished common thread throughout all of SLS Hotel locations is its flawlessness. Flawless in “service, design, culinary programming, and entertainment.” The SLS Hotels are an elite, upscale experience. You do not want to miss out.

Video courtesy of SBE.

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