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Lucky Tuesdays & NYFW 2019

Kendall Reynolds had the NYC Playboy Club going up on a Tuesday for New York Fashion Week, with a showing of her sublime shoe collection at the Lucky Tuesdays event, hosted by Lucky Church. Upon entering the iconic venue, I was instantly greeted with a warm hug from legendary stylist Ty Hunter, who introduced me to the stunningly beautiful and poised entrepreneur, Kendall Reynolds of Kendall Miles Designs. At quick glance, you might mistake Ms. Reynolds for one of the gorgeous models who dominate New York during this seven day fashion excursion. It’s obvious the young designer is a beauty; but as she begins to break down her shoe collection, it becomes even more apparent that she has the talent and brains to match.

The electric collection is guaranteed to satisfy every choosy girl in the cut. Ms. Reynolds divulged that she had every lady in mind when designing her shoes. This allowed her to play with shapes and materials, which in turn allowed for the creation of distinctive, comfortable styles of shoes. The sandals include a sexy, strappy, open-toe heel submerged in glitter, that would make the busiest woman find time to party on the weekend. From open-toe to square-toe, each sandal has a signature detail like a glittered heel, or a star-studded pattern that keeps you on your toes, pun intended! The boots, which are my ultimate favorite, authenticate Ms. Reynolds’ eye for detail. The combat boots are a dichotomy of durability and elegance. The leather exteriors and army fatigue patterns illustrate edge and strength. While the unexpected details of the boots, like the dazzle on the buttons and the signature zipper pull, with a diamond dust finish, embraces a more flirty style. These are only the beginning. Ms. Reynolds revealed that she will be dropping new shoes every month, since she has ideas abounding constantly, and I am here for it!

The event was lucky to say the least. We all gathered in a fabulous venue, around the Kendall Miles Designs, admiring her collection while the drinks and conversation flowed. It was a night of shoes, bunnies (the playboy type) and most importantly lots of laughs.

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