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If you’re ready to throw the towel in on conventional fitness that seems more focused on impossible goals than feeling good, you are in luck and on time.  According to Todd Magazine, who signed on as the president of Blink Fitness in 2012, a part of Equinox, old fitness norms that over-focus on 6-pack abs, big muscles, and weight loss have been officially disrupted.

It is no coincidence that Magazine enjoys working out at Blink 2-3 times per week and has a personal trainer 2 times per week to focus on cardio and strength training.  He likes to stay fit and have an active lifestyle and also enjoys running and tennis.  Blink Fitness’ inclusive business model that shatters the notion that people have to fit into “aspirational” fitness is especially motivating to Magazine.  Instead, the Blink Fitness philosophy values “mood above muscle…body diversity…and reaching more people.”

The notion that fitness has to fit the individual and not the other way around has made Blink Fitness wildly successful.  Blink Fitness has a “signature Feel Good Experience that highlights enthusiastic staff members, a clean environment, an open, spacious, and colorful design, energizing music and fitness training that is motivating and affordable.”

When Magazine arrived at Blink Fitness the organization had 4 locations.  It has now grown to 53 locations across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California.  Deconstructing the outdated aspirational fitness model which has dominated the industry for half a century was the aim.  Magazine comments that “the original focus was getting the (business) model right” noting that “many companies try to grow too quickly before getting the idea right.”

The Blink Fitness team is just getting warmed up and have added franchising to its business model as of 2016 which is available in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Tampa and several areas of California, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Magazine jokes at having to curb his enthusiasm at the Blink Fitness franchising business model as the company broadens its footprints.  “It’s not about opening doors to gyms…Blink Fitness is about serving the community and bringing equality and inclusion to fitness experience..(and also) building a workforce that feels like something more than just having a job…(the) careers are fulfilling – the Blink Fitness culture means people are passionate about it – it’s more than just profit.”

Is the “affordable” business model, well, affordable for Blink Fitness?  Magazine says it is.  When Blink Fitness first opened its doors there was a belief in the value fitness space.  They deconstructed the ‘you get what you pay for’ ideology and ultimately replaced it with a luxury-like experience.  It worked.  Public response, according to Magazine, is that “people say it looks different…customer service is different…how do you do it?”  Clearly, by understanding people want to feel good more than they want to look like someone else they can never be.

The brand kicked off the year with the real Blink member campaign which featured 16 real members indicating the best fitness trends to look for in 2017 regardless of your size or age is Blink Fitness’ mantra “Every Body Happy”.  Fitness should be affordable and in case you haven’t heard the news it is, in fact, for everybody.

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